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How im handling liver fibrosis

I was diagnosed with f3 liver fibrosis (NAFLD) last December 2017. Ever since, i lose 26 pounds of my weight since i am overweight (from 190 - 164 pounds). My AST is now at normal range and my ALT went down from 76 now down to 55. As per my doctor, my ultrasound looks good too, as it shows that the fats on my liver has been reduced.

My lifestyle has changed ever since i was diagnosed with this disease. I have become more conscious to what i eat, i only veggies, fruits, fish, chicken and some healthy snacks. I hit the gym 5 times per week.

I'll be going back to my doctor on July to get fibroscan/ultrasound/blood test again to see if my liver fibrosis has improved. I am crossing my finger and i hope to God that i'll be receiving good news from then. Its gonna be tough and long battle for me, and hope i get pass to this challenge.

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I wish you all the best Eya. You've done so well! Respect,

Shuu xx


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