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High Liver Enzymes

Good Morning Everyone,

Recent blood tests show that my liver enzymes are Elevated AST-64 & ALT-137.this is the second time since August they have been this high. Everything else in my blood work up is normal ranges. Still my GP is concerned. What should I expect and are these numbers something to worry about? I do not drink, am a bit over weight and 48 years young. Thanks in advance for any and all replys. Blessings!

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Hello Missysmom,

Welcome to the forum where you will find advice and support from others with experience of liver disease.

However, this is not a medical forum and none of the forum members are medically qualified. Other than giving general help and support in living with liver disease, nobody is able to assess the results of any tests.

We would suggest that you see your own doctor for an assessment of any symptoms that are concerning you. Only your GP or the doctor who requested your blood test will have possession of all of the facts, your history and current health.

Please make full use of The British Liver Trust website where you will find information which will help you to make sense of liver disease as well as the tests that are routinely performed when someone is suspected to have problems with their liver.

Best wishes,


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