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corwen now denbighshire

hi my name is.can i lie sam.ive had loads of comments under a different name corwen.dont know where i went wrong.ive said ive liver disease and have ultrasounds and blood tests every 6 months.and all is what you call normal.they call me a futional alcoholic and iam.i dont need alcohol in the day just at night.only lager.but besides my liver being so damaged my stomach now fails.i eat go to the toilet.i drink 8 12 cans of 5% beer jusf to sleep.i work i dont even get drunk.but i dont realy sleep.i argue with my partner.some doctor said i was a functional alcoholic and if i carry on i will die.but i dont need lager i need sleep.i have also got osteoporosis

i just dont know what do

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Have you tried AA? It sounds like you need to stop drinking and get something from your doctor to help you sleep.


You still need to get help. Sleeping pills ? Help with the shakes ? It would make your wife happier to see you trying even if you fail


Seek help in order to assist you to stop drinking.


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