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Possible inflammed liver

I was told i had a fatty liver 2 years ago. I am over weight and was drinking more than i should. I am not an alcoholic but was concious i needed to cut back. I cobtinued to drink but cut it wsy back. I am now experiencing pain in my right rib and anawaiting a scan to look if my liver is inflammed.... worrued and feeling so stupid i didnt do more 2 years ag0

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Honestly there is no point worrying until you get further results it could be nothing but it has also made you realise you need to listen to your body and also doctors advice. Fingers crossed everything is ok but have a break from the alcohol you will be surprised how you won't miss it x


Thank you... i suffer with anxiety so its hard not to worry but yegh you are spot on. Its more my diet than alcohol as i dont drink loads but recently havent had any and again yiur right its not been missed. Since giving upp the alcohol im finding it eadier to diet too as i was spending too many calories on it.

Thank you.

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