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Flu symptoms cannot seem to shake

Good morning. Have cirrossis however consultant said a few weeks ago Liver had recompensated. Fell reasonable occational tired and nausia. Now these Flu cold symptoms have really floored me . Dull but sometimes sharp pain under right rib. pain both sides mid abdomin and now on blowing nose blood with mucous only bleed when blow nose. I have no choice but rest its not an option, Have used steam room a couple of times. 6 days symptom already. mild flu but knocked me about.

Regards China John

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Hi John,

I think what you describe may be a bit par for the course unfortunately. I've had similar in the past. Even though your liver is now compensating again, you're still going to be more more susceptible to picking up bugs and viruses and it'll also still take longer and be harder to get rid of them. After all, your liver is still diseased and isn't still able to do all it should as effectively it should.

Do you have the flu jab each year? If not its certainly worth having. It definitely lessens the impact of anything cold and flu wise you should pick up. Also, if you are able to ring up your gp for advice this may be sensible. They can then decide if you would be better seeing them or whether its fine to just wait and see. I know I used to get quite sore in the abdomen if I had a cold for any period of time, but it would be worth getting some advice about from your gp if you can.

Good luck and hope it clears up soon.


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