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Sinusoidal Fibrosis?

Hello, I've received a copy of the letter sent to my cardiologist following my Liver Biopsy and they talk about Sinusoidal Fibrosis, which they say fits with Chronic venous outflow obstruction, secondary to cardiac disease.

I understand how my heart condition has affected my liver, (saw cardiologist this week) but I don't understand the Sinusoidal Fibrosis. I've read a lot about fibrosis, and think the sinusoidal is a part of the liver? Has anyone else had this diagnosed or can offer some insight that a non medical person could understand. Thank you.

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I was reading about this just the other day also, and yes, its a part of the liver - I was researching what various bits of my liver biopsy and consultants letter meant too!

Do you have sarcoidosis?

Im being investigated for it.

Not sure how much more there is to sinusoidal fibrosis other than it being another area thats getting scarred?

It takes a while to work it all out when you have to google every other word or phrase, huh??!!

Not sure this helps, but Im with you on it!


Thanks Mary, yes it is confusing. There are so many stages/types of liver damage as I'm discovering while reading up on it. I was on a heart drug, Amiodarone which can cause serious liver toxicity and following some odd blood tests and fibroscan (score of 21) they did the biopsy. I don't think Sarcoidosis is something they are looking at. They can't rule out the liver damage being caused by the drug, but think it's more to do with right sided heart failure and the liver getting 'congested' because of poor blood flow. The term cardiac cirrhosis was banded about too.

I think you're right and it probably just refers to a part of the liver that is scarred. Hey ho. Just have to get on with it, and try and stay as well as well as we can.

Thanks for your reply, and hoping for a good outcome for you.



Thats kind of you, thanks:)

Yes I see how you are looking at it from the opposite direction! So if you have poor

Blood flow because of a heart issue I understand now how it would have repercussions for your liver - its totally pants, isnt it??

Dont know about you but Im learning so much about biology! Lol. I had a quick look again to see if I could find what Id read about sinusoidal fibrosis, but most search results are for post transplant situations, so I must have come at it from an angle I now can't recall - cos my brain is mashed from my liver being fried ... pass the onions....

Wishing you all the very best as well, take care out there 🙃

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