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Asking for help with my fathers hcc with PVTT and cirrhosis

(Hepatocelluar carcinoma) HCC with (portal vein Thrombis tumor) PVTT And cirrhosis. Firstly let me say thanks to everyone who reads this and offers prayers and good wishes but Idon’t want condolences even though I know they’re well placed. I’m only here to get advice, statistics, doctor recommendations, and every other piece of non conventional or conventional information that I can get to help beat this or live with this disease. Liver transplant and resection are not options at the moment with the size of the tumor and underlying conditions.

I’m interested in getting into a survivor and fighter support network as we’ll something to keeps him motivated and hopeful

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Hi, I have HCC and have had a failed transplant. Fighting and Survival mode is exactly where I am. Just over a year ago I was taken down for a transplant, major haemorrhage and a few hours later my family were informed I probably had about 12-24 hours to live. Cutting a long story short I am still here. I’ve had 9 embolisations, originally had a resection nearly 4 years ago. All in all it’s been one hell of a journey. Current prognosis is I will do extremely well to see another year, but who actually knows. Just the fact I’ve managed a year having been given 24 hours, and my professor just smiles and shakes his head every time I see him saying “what do we know” . I am a firm believer it’s about your mental strength that helps you push those boundaries. I took a very early decision that I would never be defined by Cancer it was something that needed facing head on. I write a blog about my journey from diagnosis to the recent anniversary of my little look over the other side (12 day coma helped). It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad full of tears, laughter, joy and most importantly hope. It can be found at

Your Dad may well find it helpful and if you want to get in touch directly please do.



Hello , my names Barry , I have a diagnosis of cancer (stage 3 ) p.v. and no doubt same conditions . I was told I would be dead by last October .

I urge very strongly that you seek out SIRTs treatment , I had a procedure on May 15 this year which shrunk tumour from 18"to less than half ( and still going down in size) I have improved in overall health markedly .



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