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Slightly high liver function

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Hi all today i got blood test results back from the doctor in which he told me i had slightly high liver function being in shock i did not really ask many questions. I want to know know really what this is and what will happen to me am 34 years old i have drank alcohol from 16 ish iv never been hooked but sometimes have binged however the last 3 years ive not really drank alot mearly once a week. Would be greatfull on any advice. Cheers

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Slight elevations in liver labs are remarkably common and no cause for immediate alarm. A viral hepatitis A infection can pop enzymes up to 1000 or more and these patients usually have a complete recovery with no permanent damage.

This said, living with elevated enzymes is not something you want to do for the long haul. Moderate alcohol consumption usually doesn't cause elevations in ALT/AST, but alcohol can raise the GGT enzyme.

Occupational toxic exposures and fatty liver if you've got a sweet tooth (sodas) can cause elevations in ALT/AST. If you are not overweight and have no toxic exposures other than alcohol, then a trial of 90 days alcohol free with a retest might be indicated.

Hope you get to the bottom of this soon!

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Hi Dan,

You may want to think about re visiting your GP and asking for some more information regarding which enzymes were raised in the test result, and why they may be elevated.

You may find our publication Liver disease tests explained' useful to look at;

Often the GP will repeat the test in a few weeks or months so there is another set of results to compare to. You may want to discuss that with your GP.

Best wishes,

BLT Admin

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