Thankyou everyone !

I not been on here for couple weeks as I been bit of mess mentally very bad I'm holding up but I like to thank the lovey ladies I spoke to on the BLT helpline. That gave me time listenened was calm and I no that like me posts I go on this lady understood kept me focused on the thing that needed dealing with not me million other things I won't go into it but the important things i needed help with was easy enough to understand and she understood me I'm so grateful i feel glad that I am back on here as I missed you all but please understand I feel I without that call and feeling safe I got courage that someone somewhere is thinking like me and one day I want to be like that wonderful lady that net cut me off phone . Pls read next post

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  • Always keep hope in your heart, and just go one day or even one hour at a time, x

  • My eyes bad I thought u name was snooze and after reading that novel I bet you wanted to snooze.just want to make someone laugh

  • Humour, always the best medicine! :)

  • Yes your right even the last thing I put up on here was from me heart ,then straight away I had to put another chapter in which I hoped all laughed .

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