Hi everyone,

I had a ct scan with contrast the beginning of September this year. All the tests I have had is because for the last three year's I have had a white coating on my tongue and a sour bitter taste in my mouth. Endoscopy's ultrasounds and this ct. The report says i have fatty infiltration of the liver but know indication how bad consultants secretary says he will see me in March. Now I get like electric tingly shocks on my arms. I have read so much that I don't know if I am imagining things now. My own GO says 95% of the surgery patient they send for a ct show a fatty liver. I have drank a lot all my life. Worried sick. Would appreciate any feedback.

Thank You.

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  • If it was serious you would have had an appointment sooner than march. Doesn't mean you shouldn't take it as a serious sign to change your lifestyle, cut alcohol out, change diet and plenty of exercise if you do them few things you will turn things around 😀

  • Thank you jojokarak for taking the time to answer my post. The internet is a wonderful tool but in my case I am never off it digging deeper and deeper and seeing terrible horror stories that other unfortunate people are suffering. Thank you.

  • I can understand you digging but nothing like speaking to people who have experienced it and we all have different experiences. Some of us take notice of a warning and some don't and suffer the consequences and some of us don't even get a warning or it's a long term condition but in your hands how you handle this information you have now, but google is definitely not the way to go x

  • Thank You.

  • regarding itcy skin try an anti=histomine tablet each day it takes at least a week for it to start working--the cheapest are in lidl stores 90pence a pack--worked a treat for me

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