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Fibroscan pKa 24

I just had the scan, result 24 pKa, not drank since May and intend to stay that way. I was told its not good but my liver is functioning normally. I'm a bit confused does this score mean chirrosis. My thinking is, if live a healthy life seen as how my liver is functioning normally, (i've had scans and blood tests) then it isn't chirrosis. Any thoughts or experience very welcome, John

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Hey John,

I recently found myself in a same boat. I have posted extensively in MD Junction Website, titled "Fibroscan Results. I am Concerned, Confused, and Scared?" I have posted the link below. See you here or there, after you have read my posts. Just to avoid writing it all over again....lol. Its not a death sentence, we still have a very good chance as we are on the border of F3/F4 of Alcoholic Liver Diesease ALD. Lets work this out together.




Thanks Phil I will look at the M.D. and get back to you

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No one on here is medically qualified to properly interpret your results and really it is best done by your medical team who have ALL your results and scan details to hand.

However, in the case of Alcohol Related Liver Disease a score of 24 kPa is on the boundary of fibrosis F3-4 and cirrhosis F4. The score goes upto 75 kPa at it's worst so you are on the lower end of cirrhosis. For a diagram explaining this have a look at:- fibroscanlosangeles.com/alc...

It's good news that you are symptom free and feeling well and latest medical thinking is that even early stage cirrhosis (which used to be thought irreversible) can be improved with a removal of the cause so with continued sobriety, healthy eating and looking after yourself you should be able to maintain your liver health & perhaps even reverse some of the damage.

Just a wee pointer - you can have normal blood test results (basic LFT's) even with cirrhosis (my hubbies are all spot on in normal range despite known advanced cirrhosis).

Hopefully your doctor will explain all your results and give you a better picture of where you go from here. Fingers crossed they plan to do regular monitoring and hopefully in a few months time you will see improvement in your liver. When you have cirrhosis clinical protocol is for 6 monthly scans (normally ultrasound) & blood tests.

Wishing you all the best, keep going with the sobriety and perhaps take a look at the British Liver Trust page on Living with Liver Disease which will give you good pointers on healthy living going forward. britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...

Katie :D


Thank you Katie I will wait to see the Hepotologist, the last time i saw him in August he said that looking at the results of all my tests (prior to fibroscan) there is no reason I shouldn't live without any health issues for the next 20 years. The result from the fibroscan may change his mind now.


My hubby has been diagnosed with cirrhosis for 5 years now and his local gastro consultant has often reported to us that he has patients with a cirrhosis diagnosis for 20+ years and are still going ok. If you remain abstinent and look after yourself from now on your consultant is probably right in that you will do ok from now on. As I say latest research is saying that even early stage cirrhosis is somewhat reversible.

Hopefully your hepatologist will continue to monitor and you will be grand.

Katie :)


I'm 54 btw

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Anything above 19 is cirrhosis


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