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Signs things are getting worse?

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Hi all, 2nd post...

I posted a few weeks ago about my brother, he has been an alcoholic for a number of years. Been very ill for the last 5 years and recently was refused to be added to the transplant list because of his past drinking habits.

He was transferred back to our local hospital last week who normally do a drain and pack him back home to me to deal with.

The last couple of weeks he has HE bad. Slurring words he can hardly string a sentence together, confusion and a major case of the flaps.. the flaps are so bad he can't get his food to his mouth or open envelopes or move himself up the hospital bed. His whole body just shakes. They are treating it but I just can't see any improvement.

In the last 3 weeks he has had 2 drains but his stomach never goes down even though they take litres off. His stomach and scrotum have continued to fill up and he needs another drain.

He has lost so much weight and looks like a little old man, he can't walk, last week he was getting around with a walking stick or a zimmer frame this week he can't get out of bed. He was moved to a chair today but was in to much pain sitting that he has to be moved back to his bed.

I sometimes think to myself how on earth can his body continue to keep going....

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. My thoughts are with you and him.

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I'm thinking of you both, it must be awful. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of love Lynne

So sorry to hear this, I was like that for over a year... The body is an amazing thing though and can handle a lot and if he has h.e most of time he won't realise what's happening

Thinking of you both. Gx

Thank you for your thoughts.

I had a chat with the doctor today and he mentioned there is a problem with my brothers kidney (he only has one kidney as he was a premature baby and lost one of his kidneys) they are doing daily blood tests and giving him more fluids and it has dropped slightly, not sure what has dropped . Also a concern about an infection in the ascites fluid which he has had in the past (SBP)

I know it's bad but he always bounces back

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Again I had both infection in ascites and kidney failure and he will feel rotten for a week or so but once they are treating him he will bounce back it is pretty normal what he experiencing which is awful to say but hope it gives you both hope and piece of mind x

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