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Gene test?

Hi, I am helping my ex's mother with doctor and hospital visits. He has just been diagnosed with cirrhosis and has been in hospital now for a week. I have noticed that the report from the gastroenterologist with his diagnosis also contains the information, obtained from my ex and his mother, that there has been no history of liver disease in his family. I know however that his father was a chronic alcoholic and though apparently he died from pneumonia he also had Korsakoff's syndrome for years before he died, which I believed was an indicator/symptom of advanced liver disease. Reading about genetic factors, haemocromatosis etc, I wondered how important it is that doctors have this information?

Thanks for your help.

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Me personally am not sure how important it is, but if your involved no harm in mentioning this to the doctors who are caring for him.

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Thanks love for replying. I have made sure that my ex is aware of his family history of liver disease and left it up to him. So much shame and hurt attached to liver disease even years on.


Certainly is but plenty of people out there changing it slowly but surely the main reason people are being diagnosed now is through fatty liver which comes about through people having a rubbish diet. But 122 conditions cause cirrhosis and not a lot of people are aware of this. Anyway I hope your ex gets sorted xx


Hope everything gets sorted. My fatty liver was caused by all the meds my drs have given me over the years. I now have Nash with fibrosis and have started to feel worse and worse . Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx


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