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Nonalcoholic liver disease

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I have cirrhosis of the liver . The fatty

And I drink a glass of wine maybe once a day . I'm trying to find out if this is bad for me . I didn't drink at all until I found out I had the disease!

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If you have cirrhosis you definitely shouldn't be drinking

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Please don't have anything to drink. Take care xxxx

hi i have same as u & don t drink i was told by proffessor nuyuberg is top of the field in uk might have spelt name wrong but when he told me 8yr ago his words were u will die with it Not of it go home don t worry and have a glass of wine x

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I have to say that treatment and monitoring of the condition has progressed greatly in the last 8 years and NAFLD is not a - you will definitely die if this - condition.

Lifestyle changes help a lot of people to halt or reverse the condition.

Having said that, we are obviously not medically qualified on here to be able to give any diagnosis or prognosis of your personal disease.

Please don't lean on alcohol to steady your nerves as it is a toxin that the liver processes and it would be wise to take care of your liver as much as possible.

Rita xx

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thank u for reply i have no intention of drinking i have lived all my life in public houses /bars & clubs and this is one of the reasons i do not smoke or drink i have seen first hand how much these to affect people and nursed my mother with vascular dementia due to these two i also suffer great anxiety and have never taken a tablet for it the liver consult struggled for 2yrs to get me to take urso as i am scared of side effects i manage my anxiety with distraction method but saying that cannot go out on my own been 21yrs since i have left the hse alone but i have a good family

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How are you Pattie, how did your scan go?

My mum had vascular dementia or small vessel disease, equally aortic stenosis and a hiatus hernia and recurrent UTIs.. I pulled her from a care home in the end after 2 out of 3 failed to care for her well, had I listened to the first one she would have died 2 years earlier than she actually did from a totally reversible condition.

She always knew who we were and her health got so much better but I can't possibly say it was easy to care for her especially if she wasn't in a good mood, or had a vascular episode, I soon learnt that reasoning was out of the window at those times. A daily battle of encouraging fluids and meds but I don't regret it and she went back to her old lifestyle for a while going to a day centre, having her hair done, she never did forget how to put her hair net on and a great distraction was if I offered her what she thought was a real glass of wine or shandy she practically bit my hand off! I bought 0% so she thought she was having a treat, daily, but it didn't interfere with

Meds etc...then one night she just went psychotic, yet another ambulance called, lost her 2 months later...

I think you have done incredibly well to not lean on meds to manage anxiety, I get housebound a fair bit and was very housebound when caring for mum as she advanced with the disease but I've had Diazepam PRN for years and years which actually I'm not so convinced was a good times I used none but at times of high anxiety more.

Is it that generalised anxiety that kind of feels like something's going to happen but you don't know what.. it's so debilitating..I do go out sometimes and some days are better than others, not driving for a few years now hasn't helped..

Michelle xxxx

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we sound similar my mum ended in a home because of the damage to brain the dementia did she started having epileptic seziures she had many mishaps with falls and different probs and should never have been left on her own after meals due to epilepsy and unfortunately this is what finished her off we found her gone in her room she had choked very distressing yes anxiety is like u say what if this that and fear of passing out in public heavens no why but sometimes i think its easier to give into it i almost think it becomes a habit i getanxious wrn friends say to me oh ive been to diff places on there own i think oh god i could nt that i am going away for a weekend break for bday with hubby and friends already thinking oh what if they want to get a train or bus somewhere im a bit useless really lol thank u for thought x

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You aren't useless Pattie, anxiety is very debilitating.. I am terrible on car journeys especially, I have to sit in the back, daughter in the front with her dad just in case as if I get very anxious even noise is too much but I can usually tell if it's going to get bad so take half a pill if I have to. I made it to Gloucester a while back with no crutch, I'm ok alone on any transport it's worse if with others.. no idea why..

I'm so sorry about your mum that's awful and very traumatic for you. I was with Mum the last day, was shocked at her deterioration over one day :(

I think the worst thing with any dementia is that anything you ever asked or wanted answers to is then too late years before they leave us...

We moved 3 months later as I couldn't take all the reminders everywhere and we had moved to house her correctly and safely but to ensure our daughter could also have her friends round, make noise, have a good life. Mum needed her own lounge, downstairs bedroom, bathroom, it worked.. it was hard but it worked, no carers.. just wish a trauma hadn't happened to me a month before doing so.. I'd have been more stable but we can all wish eh..

Take care, did you ever post your fibroscan result?

Michelle xxx

Oh my, definitely do not drink for your's poison to your liver, a toxin it has to try and filter and if you have or indeed had frankly any liver issue alcohol will not help.

Take care of yourself. X


If you didn't drink before why drink now? It sounds like we both have the same conditions.

I have decided that I need to change my diet. I have a sweet tooth and this plus pain killers has been my problem. I have had a physical pain condition for many years and due to physical difficulties I am having to rely on family to help me, but I am really exploring the Mediterranean diet at the moment. I'm using ratatouille in place of gravy on my dinners. I am also trying to eat more and different vegetables. I've also bought a lot of frozen fruit strawberries, pineapple etc. As I only need to get out what I need.

I have recognised I get stressed and that is when I have the munchies. I can't undo what is done but I am determined to deal with what I can. I've only recently been diagnosed. I have some very light reading for night time to get me to sleep.

Good luck and can you and everyone else help me to keep to my healthier eating plan. I'm finding it hard to be good.


Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have AUtoimmune Hepititus and it has been a roller coaster ride. One I just as soon not have road. But to respond to your post, every place I have researched as well as my doctor they all agree strongly...Don't Drink! Evidently alcohol is hard on a healthy liver, and terrible for a compromised liver!

First of all YES, you need to continue to educate yourself on Cirrhosis and keep asking questions. Alcohol period isn't going to help you or your liver in dealing with Cirrhosis so seek out experts that deal with the liver.

No vino!!!

I again repeat quit alcohol like a hot potatoe immediately if you want to live longer without any suffering.

Yes one glass is bad for you.any liver problems mean no wine or any alcohol.good luck

I would say yes it’s bad fir your liver because it has to filter that from your body and it may not be able to. Anything that is difficult for the liver you should srsy away from such as certain medications you need to research and find out from a specialist what is ok and what to stay away from,I hope this helps.

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