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My gastro review today

Hi I want to say thanks for your replies❤️.

I saw my gastro today who said basically there's no treatment for NAFL & fibrosis. I couldn't pin him down about how my fibrosis would develop in the future. All he said was I was no where near end stage.

He said that maybe some treatment will be developed in the next couple of years??

He concluded with the same advice, in the interim, maintain heathy weight and diet. He did a total review of bloods again today. He didn't seem bothered. It reminded me of a post I read here by a daughter who's mum is 51 and her consultant said " go make memories with the grand children". I told him I had a 6 yr old boy.

I'm more confused than ever. I feel awful, so tired. Let's see what my bloods come up with. Should I lose the gastro and ask for a hepatologist ??

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I would ask to see a hepatologist. He or she would be in a better position to explain what's going on with your liver & why & should be able to give you information to read about why you have fibrosis & steps you can take. Mine referred me to a dietitian who has been v helpful.

I understand there is no medication fix (same as me I have NASH) & the answer is a complete change of life style. But the good news is with that complete change of life style for a couple of years the liver can regenerate.

I'm six months in & I feel better than I have in years - not that there aren't yukky days & that I don't miss sugar so much some days I could weep. I can feel the change to my liver though & it feels much better.

Go to someone who specialises in the liver & get all the British liver trust info. It'll help you deal with this.

Good luck


Thank you so much great advice. Diet is the key to keeping this dampened down. Stay well.



Would you like to give me a ring on the helpline 0800 652 7330. I am here until early afternoon,

Warm wishes,



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