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I am a British citizen living in Mozambique - children are in the UK. I have HCC from Hemochromotosis - tried a living donor transplant with my wife in India but two things - I got very ill in hospital from food poisoning and my wife's liver was unequally divided. My children are potential donors but are worried about doing it in India - can I as a full British citizen have this done in the UK? I do not have long left as main tumour strangling hepatic portal vein and already had a big internal bleed

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Sorry to hear you already tried the Indian route to transplant, I responded to your other post with pretty full details.

You would have to contact one of the main UK centres to see if it would be a possibility to be seen here. There may sadly be many, many hurdles and barriers to treatment here but as I am no expert it would be best as I said to contact one of the transplant hospitals direct for advice. They are all detailed on the British Liver Trust main website at:-



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