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The Sun newspaper is holding awards recognising the good work done in the NHS and by Health charities. It would be great to get liver health recognised and promoted in these.

The awards will be publicised by the Sun in the early summer. The winners will be announced at a sit-down lunch event in the autumn - hosted by Lorraine Kelly. The categories include best midwife, doctor, nurse, ultimate lifesaver (eg operation or emergency care), ground-breaking discovery, volunteer, ‘special recognition’ and best charity. They are looking for people who have gone above and beyond to help or save others…..

They want some initial nominees to publish in the paper and be photographed with the person who has nominated them ASAP.

If you are interested in nominating someone or, of course, the British Liver Trust as a charity please email the Trust’s communication director by 26 May:

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  • Definitely Rebecca! I don't think the work that goes on either in hospitals or charities even the roadshows in June, I bet they won't get any publicity either. I will be sending in my email 😊

  • Thank you! Much appreciated :)

  • With pleasure 😊

  • The Sun, pfft... you gotta be kidding me. If they want to acknowledge the NHS they should be getting behind Jeremy Corbyn instead of the constant bashing. That way they might convince a few more voters to save the NHS from privatisation and under funding.

    Lets recognise the great work, and the lives saved by the NHS as a whole. Rather than a means to make a few stories to flog a few papers.

  • Good comment RodeoJoe. However if we want to raise understanding about liver disease amongst the general public we need to use whatever means necessary. The British Liver Trust doesn't have the money for big awareness campaigns like some other health charities

  • I know, it sounds cynical. And I'm not suggesting people not give in whatever stories they want, and perhaps something good might come out of it. But in no way shape or form do I like the fact that the Sun flogs this as something of their own. It's just feeding the masses what they want to hear. And they will listen, because millions do.

    The Sun makes praises for the NHS staff whist they ACTIVELY WANT to cap their wages, and reduce funding and privatise the service they work for.

    People have to be alerted to the irony in this event.

  • Remembering the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough the Sun newspaper is scum

  • The SUN Newspaper promoting the NHS work? Is this a joke?

  • The SCUM will get no support from me

  • Personally - I completely understand you not liking the Sun. However - the post is not asking anyone to support the Sun but to support the British Liver Trust and highlight work done in liver health. Whether we like it or not the Sun has lots of readers so raising awareness of our condition(s) and the charity we support can only be a good thing and will make a change from all the publicity being around cancer, diabetes and heart disease.........

  • It's not promoting Liver Health at all. Read it again, it's a "sit-down lunch event in the autumn - hosted by Lorraine Kelly", where they get to choose a few stories from all the great work that goes on at the NHS, so that they can publish it in their paper. Because people like to hear about individuals who go above and beyond. Nothing to do with promoting Liver Disease awareness.

  • By having a story in the Sun about the good work done by (for example) a liver nurse or a consultant - you are raising awareness - many people don't know how serious liver disease is. I don't like the Sun but I'd like to thank and give recognition to the doctors and nurses who I think often do go 'above and beyond' and do amazing work in liver units and liver transplant units .... all I'm saying is if we don't do it all the nominations will be about other conditions

  • It seems that you lack principles and morals. If you support the SCUM's campaign then you are promoting the this disgusting newspaper, and so is everyone else who get involved in this farce

  • If you don't delete this promotion then I will sadly leave this forum

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