PIP Miracle

After speaking to various people and feedback on this forum, I was convinced that I would have to go through the grinders with my application.

I applied mid January and had an assessment on 1st May. when I received my letter yesterday from DWP, I was taken by surprise. enhanced rate for daily living ands standard rate for mobility, all for three years.

One less thing to worry about, as I am now being referred to the Scottish Transplant Unit for assessment


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  • Macmillian charity will give you step by step advice on your entitlements from DWP..believe me they'll let you know things you didn't think your eligible for. Dwp won't volunteer. .also they give a financial payment

    Give them a call they're saints in my book!

  • Great news George, my hubby had a hellish time at the Ayr assessment centre and scored zero points first time round (won on appeal) and that was despite already being at Edinburgh with transplant assessment & listing the very next week. Assessed at Killie second time round which was altogether a more kind experience. 'Nurse' at Ayr had made up her mind before we went in and her report was literally a pack of lies with no account taken of what hubby actually did or said she even tried to keep me out of the assessment and wouldn't let me explain things that hubby couldn't & she used closed questions which gave no room for explanation of difficulties. We were both physically sick after the Ayr experience.

    You are lucky you found the process so smooth, we had to go for mandatory reconsideration and then appeal tribunal. No bother second time round and fingers crossed at review in July this year it goes ok too.

    Good luck at Edinburgh .......... they are a good team & we still attend even though hubby was eventually delisted.


  • Hi Katie, thats exactly what I would have done. I've had experience with assessment on a few occasions and i think it's who you get on the day .. I am about to apply for pip due to deteriorating health. I bet they turn me down bit i will fight on

    George I am pleased to hear your claim went good for you

    I was thinking of asking the QE hospital PALS dpt for helping me with the form.? Best wishes linda 😊

  • Good for you. x

  • It should be known that all nurses are bound by a code of conduct.

    Many nurses have left companies that do the assessments for DWP because of concerns that they would be breaking their own code of conduct and thereby putting their registration at risk.

    If anybody has any complaint about the conduct of an assessment by a nurshttps://www.nmc.org.uk/concerns-nurses-midwives/concerns-complaints-and-referrals/e you have the right to get their registration details and make a formal complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I know this because ATOS gave me the name and registration number of the nurse who conducted my assessment.


    Its a big step to refer somebody to the NMC, but nurses have a duty of care to the public that overrides their responsibilities to their employer.


  • Thank you jim for the information and the link. Best wishes. Linda

  • Sorry about that post - the link got a bit mixed up with the text !

  • Try again;

    'If anybody has any complaint about the conduct of an assessment by a nurse you have the right to get their registration details and make a formal complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council''

  • Note -

    From the link I just posted -

    'If you do have concerns, these should be raised as soon as possible. There is no time limit, but the longer ago an incident took place, the more difficult it is for us to investigate'

    So no matter how long ago the assessment was, it is still possible to complain.

    If enough people complain they will have to think about conducting their assessments in a more caring, sympathetic and ethical manner.


  • There are many sites that help with the benefits system. I always go to A4U to get mine filled in after advice from Benefitsand work.co.UK

    For appointments always insist that you can make your own recording of the meeting. You have the right to be assessed at home if mobility is poor. If you do have to go to a centre be very careful how you get out of the car. I know someone who was turned down on first assessment because they walked in the building 'easily' even though they had stated they could walk 15 metres and had used a disabled parking space right by the door.

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