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Just diagnosed

Hi I'm 39 I've just been diagnosed with NAFLD and Fibrosis, I had a fibroscan my result was 8.2 which I've looked up and that's stage 3? Not sure what happens from now? Im waiting on an appointment to go and see my liver specialist. I need to lose weight but have other major health issues, cystic lung disease, emphysema, rare immune deficiencies, also waiting to see a surgeon about my spine. I have 3 discs that are badly damaged. So can't really do much exercise, I do try. I only drink water, every meal is cooked from scratch so no ready meals. What are the best foods to help my liver? Thank you

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Hello Sarah, welcome to our merry band.

Have you had a look at the British Liver Trust page and downloadable literature on NAFLD? You can access it at :-

Also they have dietary information for those with various liver conditions at :-

Plus there is an additional page about diets for those with specific conditions including NAFLD at :-

Sounds like you are doing a lot of the correct things already but the guidance and information above might give you a few more pointers. Plus next time you see your specialist request an appointment with a dietician who might be able to help further.

All the best to you, Katie :)


Awww thank you Katie, I'm just in limbo as to what it all means. It's like I'm collecting diseases and my internal organs hate me lol. I shall have a look through the links. Thanks again, Sarah

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Hey Sarah

Most important thing is to try and keep your chin up and stay positive. Worrying and causing yourself stress about it all, only makes things worse. Your fibroscore is out of normal range, but not as high as many on here (including myself).

Sounds like you are eating well already, just watch your saturated fat and salt intake.

And like Katie says, welcome to the club :)


Thank you, I do try and stay positive, sometimes have the odd blip lol. Arranging to see a councillor so they should help too.


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