Nodular regenerative hyperplasia

I was just told today that I have nrh. It has been a long journey to diagnosis. I developed psoriasis. Then started having symptoms of crohnes. Then they noticed my spleen was enlarged. Then they discovered portal hypertension. I have had lots of bleeding in the bowels, but the assumption has been crohnes. As of today they say nrh. They may send me to NIH. I only live 2 hours from that leading usa research hospital. I admit to some shock and confusion. How did crohnes become nrh?

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  • Usually through medication. This may help .

  • Hello, as yet I have not been diagnosed with NRH, but have Autoimmune hepatitis. NRH is being looked at for me, but as yet my new hospital do not have the necessary information from the hospital that initially diagnosed me. I was wondering how they confirmed NRH for you? Sorry I can't give you any help, but my new consultant has suggested that whilst my initial diagnosis was correct, not everything may have been picked up. I guess it is possibly the case for you also, although looking at the reference given by the person who initially replied, it looks as if NRH could be drug induced. I look forward to hearing any answers that you get. All the best :)

  • Tests done, mri, sonogram of liver, portal veins, cat scan, scope upper gi, scope lower gi, exam under anethesia, tons of blood work. Liver biopsy may be next

  • Wow! That is thorough! I'm still waiting for results of an MRI- they may have to do another one, as there was suggestions of movement on y last one! Never mind- only took 4 months to let me know about the 1st one! Hope you get some answers sooner rather than later and thanks for the reply:)

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