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I have had so much trouble with my galstones in the past 11 months I have been to hospital three times with it I have now started to have shooting pains in my heart my longest gallstone attack was 11 hours of shear agony but I see a consultant on wednesday so hopefully it will get the ball rolling I can't wait for the operation I seem to have gallstone attacks from any sort of food now so I'm being really careful is anyone else having the same as me 😒

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hi jen sorry i couldnt reply to you last night as i wasnt well thats why i liked the post to let you know that your not alone. anyway i have had my gallbladder removed, mine was a very difficult and not straight forward case. however there are many of us who have had our gallbladder removed. Try and eat as low fat food as you can and no processes food. eat very small meals. you can have a few meals in the day though but just not to much at once as you dont want to over burden the body. there are many posts on gallstones and if you type that into the search box on the top right hand corner you will find many post that you can read. please make sure that you have pain killers and buscopan for cramps and omeperazole for acid. also if the pain becomes unbearable do not be afraid to go to the A.E emergency room as things can change pretty quickly with gallstones and can move into the bileduct as happened to me. i ate things like rice crispies and porridge and chicken with no skin. i also juiced vegetables and apples. its a terrible pain and the doctors and hosptitals are very aware of this so as i said dont be afaid. that was a really long attack you had i can only sympathise with you. i have a post somewhere in my messages page form a surgeon who came on the site to talk to us all about gallstones. its questions and answers. i kept a copy f it and i wil private message it to you and see if any of it is helpful. if there is anything i can help you with please just ask. all the very best. love grace xoxoxo


Hi there ! Yep fully sympathise with you! It's so difficult regarding the food too, yep I ve had this condition over a year as it was undiagnosed and only showed up in a scan before Christmas, due for an MRCP scan ( scan to see if any stones are in the duct) then on 4 th May to see what they are going to do, however that might 4-6 months waiting, hope they take the gallstones out as my Mrs had it done and it cures the problem. Currently boil in the bag fish fresh peas and broccoli is my evening meal , anyway hope you get sorted soon, like you have been to AE a lot the pain horrendous so bad , I would ask for a morpheine solution which can be prescribed to help with the pain along with anti sickness tablets as this is a side effect of taking morpheine. The doctor in AE gave me a prescription, don't think my GP would have done. Hope this helps your not alone all the best Mark


Hi Jen this is a difficult time for you and I do understand that I hope that you will get your operation soon. I will keep you in my prayers .Sending you good wishes take care x


high dawning. how are you. i hope that your well im having a difficult time at the moment but it will pass and another one will come along. 😂 i hope all is well with you. love grace xoxoxo

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