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Congenital liver fibrosis

I'm 19 years old, recently just had a baby 6 months ago. It all started when I got pregnant and started itching constantly Day and night. Mentally it's changed me as a person. Got diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis which actually turned out to be an underlying liver problem not related with drink or drugs in anyway. Christmas time was the worst almost loosing my life due to portal hypertension vomiting blood and blood in my stools spent a week in hospital and had 4 blood transfusions. Slowly I feel like I'm getting better just constantly itching still and the tiredness is killing me off slowly, has anyone else suffered with any of these symptoms?

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The symptoms you describe are very common (unfortunately), I have bee battling with them for 4 years.

Keep going and things will improve slowly

Eat well rest when you can and keep cheerful!

Easier said that done



thats really unlucky to get that at your age. i didn't have bleeds but itch started with pregnancy etc and terrible fatigue. they also thought choleostasis but after a biopsy turned out to be prmary biliary cirrhosis. once they have a proper diagnosis they can get you on some meds for p. h. tension. good luck cazer. x


Try some Manuka Honey and lemon - half a tsp plus a little juice and an inch of boiling water in a tumbler. The honey needs to be the best you can get UMF 20+ expensive but worth it.

Hope you get better



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