So it's only a few more weeks away to I see some one. And hopefully they will be able to shed some light on my situation.

But I just wanted to see if It's relevant. Since having my little moment in February I'm really struggling. I feel so tired and I'm so cold all the time. Is this normal of liver disease (if it's that) or do you think it's something else?

I keep going back to the gp which keep doing urine samples that show high level of white blood cells. So I keep getting antibiotics but that's it. Then told wait to see the consultant.

Just want to know if it could be related.

Thank you ­čśŐ


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  • Hi hun , well I am always cold .i have plenty of clothes on and the heating yet I still can't get warm. I am sure I have seen a post on the forum regarding this and I'm sure it's liver related. I've been known to go to bed ( normally 5 am.) Due to insomnia with socks on , pyjamas, my electric blanket that has been on plus a jumper!! Now if that's not right I don't know what is .I suffer insomnia yet I am so tired too. I don't know as yet if there is an underlying reason untill I have my second appointment with my hepetologist on 9 May. Im.hoping someone might know more on this ­čś×

  • It's normal when you have liver disease to be cold, last summer even on hottest days I was in my winter coat and had heating on and I was beyond tired ­čś┤ you feel like you could sleep for a week, you put your head down and nothing. hope your appointment goes well :-)

  • im always cold and sometimes i feel as if its in my bones and the only way that i can get warm is to sit in a hot bath. sometimes its just my hands and feet but at other times its my whole body especially if i have been out and didnt have enough warm clothes on. im always falling asleep to during the day mostly and have a terrible time getting to sleep at night and iv tried so many times to get into a routine but its no good i seem to want to sleep during the daytime and up till around 6am in the morning.Being on my own doesnt help either as iv not really got much responsibilty for anyone except my little cat. im just going with it now as i fed up trying not to fall asleep during the day as it never works. all the best love grace

  • I'm glad I'm not going completely potty then.

    It's really hard when your husband just doesn't understand.

    I'm hoping him coming to my next appointment might help him understand alittle.

    Thank you x

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