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The hospital found I had Macronodular Cirrhosis when they were doing my Gallbladder removal. I have my first liver clinic appointment coming up to find out what tests they will do and to find out what stage it's at. I don't drink so hopefully will find out how it happened. Quite scared as I know it'sounds really serious. More scared now at how exhausted I feel. I feel ill tired and it doesn't feel right. Can I ask how others on the Forum feel. Do you feel exhausted all the time and how do you cope with it and trying to work? I'm not managing to do much at all without feeling like this.

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I get really tired, I'm normally in bed for 9 of an evening but has been as early as half seven. I'm up every morning at six. By ten I'll be needing a nap or just a lay down. Normally again around midday or two. Sometimes of an evening I'm so tired my body starts to go numb if that makes sense. I've had to give up work but this was because of the type of job I did which was very physically and mentally exhausting on a good day.

There's not really anything I've found to help the situation. Doesn't matter how much rest I get I still feel the same.

Just try to take it easy. Listen to your body and take the naps you feel you need.

All the best.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. It seems that it is going to be something I'll have to learn to cope with. It's just so frustrating not being able to do what I used to. Sorry to hear that you've had to give up work. That must be really hard. How long have you had Cirrhosis? It's good to have someone to talk with who understands. Thanks again for your support. Take care and hope to chat with you soon.

I've just read your post about being on the transplant list. Best of luck - I'll be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed you are contacted soon x


I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and PSC back in '03. The colitis has always been the troublesome of the two until last August when people started to comment that I was looking yellow. A few trips to docs with lots of prodding and poking and here I am now on the waiting list for a new liver. I knew with both diseases they were progressive and could eventually get worse but I was plodding along quite happily. All the while in the background I guess my liver was slowly getting worse and I just learnt to compensate for it.

It's all good, you play the hand you're dealt etc. There are people on here that have suffered and experienced a LOT worse than I currently feel so I can't complain.

Everything happens for a reason. I hope in 10 or 15 years time or whenever I'll be able to look back and say it's actually fortunate that happened when it did, look what we've accomplished or done since.

Just keep smiling and treat yourself to a bag of HARIBO. Lol 😂


I can so relate to how you both feel. Only I suffer insomnia which in turn makes me tired during the day. I have a nap every early evening or late afternoon .if I don't have my nap I became agitated and very anxious. I struggle to wake of a morning and I am very rarely out of bed untill after really messes up my days and I have to juggle appointments around my sleep pattern .I have had cirrhosis now 9 years. I suppose we have to just go day to day and as identity said listen to your body


I totally get the agitated and anxious feeling. I am having trouble sleeping for longer than a few hours. It's got better than it was but still only getting a few hours. Good advice to take it day by day.


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