Silver Lining

So Tuesday saw me have another endoscopy, all was good too, I'm not back for 6 months now, unless that is something crops up in the mean time. But he said hopefully I will get my call before then so he hope to not have to see me again!

What he did inform me was that I no longer need to stop my warfarin to be able to have the banding done, he said it is perfectly safe to have the banding regardless of my INR....which is great because it takes me weeks to get stable again....

Please don't take this as gospel though, we all know its a different detail for all hospitals and Doctors.

So here's to another battle being won...however I have a bone-marrow biopsy lurking in the distance so not all celebration flags just yet!!

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  • That's all good to hear chell . The bone marrow sounds unpleasant but I'm sure you have faced worst

  • The bone-marrow is awful. Actually I think it's the worst. I have had two already and would be happy to never have one again! the great thing is that you can numb so much of the area around the bone, it's just when they crack the bone to take some of the insides they can't numb that and it hurts like a bitch!!

  • Oh sh.t.!

  • I had the bone marrow after transplant assessment. It wasn't so bad, if its the same as what I had they take it from your hip bone. You get a local and some laughing gas and it's over in minutes.

  • I've had it twice already and neither time has been very pleasant. It's how they have Dx my blood cancer so its something I have the unfortunate pleasure of every 2 years. I think pain is different for everyone. For me, it's horrid. I can't have the gas as it makes me vomit so it get a little panicky about it too...any way that day will come and it will go and I shall be tip top!

  • Goes to show, different for different people. I have big issues with biopsies, they terrify me.

  • Hi chelle. Sorry I have never had any sort of bone marrow tests done but glad to hear your news ! I can still remember your post on your first appt regarding tx list last year .. how fast the time has gone. Hopefully not long for you to wait now. Keeping all crossed for you x

  • Hi chelle glad all is ok, your bone marrow biopsy sounds awful we are all so brave aren't we all of us who get prodded poked needles stuck in us and if they can't get blood, another slight scratch, plus the added stress of waiting. We deserve medals all of us

  • That's great news. I did really feel for you, having to have all those endoscopies. Good luck with all the rest. xxxx Emma

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