3 1/2 weeks to go and still counting

It feels like for ever before I get to see a consultant just to probably say nothing to be found. I just went to the gp this week as still feeling crappy from my last hospital stay. Liver functions are back to normal which is good. But still have white cells in urine. So put on another lot of antibiotics.

Does anyone have alt's go up and down like a yo-yo or is it just me??

Apparently my mrcp was all negative from the doctor so where I go from here I don't know will have to wait but the tiredness is getting me so down.

Not in a very good place at the mo. Sorry for the rant x

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  • yes mine fluctuate all the time.. apparently it's natural that's what my hepetologist told me. my only concern was my fibroscan reading that was 27 .I was shocked!! I have to go back on 9 May for further tests. I have had cirrhosis for 9 yrs and have never been under any liver consultant only gastro but was discharge 3 yrs ago . I'm very relieved that I am now under the right care but I am also worried about my fibro score 🤔xx

  • I don't really understand what a fibroscan is, I haven't had one. I suppose it's because I'm still undiagnosed.

    There is no herpetologist where I am so only under gastro. They really don't understand what's going on it makes it so frustrating.

    I do wish you luck Millie09 xx

  • hi mummymoor a fibroscan measures the thickness of the liver. there is a number scoring chart . basically I'm f4.with a lot of scarring. I hope they get to the bottom of whatever it is that's affecting your alt. it could be many reasons hun .thank you. you too xx

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