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Paracetamol overdoes 2 weeks ago

I took a paracetamol overdoes 2 weeks ago spewed up alot got into hospital 2 days following. I now have my throat really dry nose is dried up blood frequent pain in my lower belly bowel movements hurt. I'm thinking I damaged my mucus layer through out my body. I'm extremely tired now And seriously want to die because of all the pain. Has anyone gotten it better? The mucus part? I produce little to none. It's driving me insane. I just sleep I'm on pyschiracitic help in a few weeks time. But I'm so so so so tired of waking up now. I have bloods on Wednesday I don't know if going to another hospital will help. I'm extremely tired and guilty that I wish I died in hospital now because of it all. I'm loosing weight and again so very very tired. Please help me is there any hope in he'll making the mucus better?

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Hey!,,, There is always hope , never give up. All problems can be sorted ,please do not feel guilty about what has happened. Talk to some one also welcome to the site.


It just hurts so much with everything going on. I get pain that comes and goes. I was so close to liver failure. I speak to all my family and they say it will get better but for 2 weeks I've been in so much pain I feel like id rather give up than going on. I feel guilty every day. I can barely cope that I keep looking into near death videos because I don't think I can take it much more. I can barely do much now I sleep to avoid any and all pain and eat little bits through out the day.

Hi, I understand about having pain, it's nice to know you still have family that you can talk to, once I had my transplant my partner deserted me because she decided she was not going to be a carer. It hurt but I thought I am not going to let this get the better of me. I find there are a lot of good well informed people on here . When down leave a message on here someone will reply. Just be positive and I am sure you will overcome your problems. Wait for your test results and take things as they come don't look for problems. I hope all goes well for you....


What was the cause of your transplant if you don't mind me asking? And do you deal with any of the issues I do?

Please don't give up on yourself. There is always help and hope. Your family are right please listen to them. Now look after yourself drink plenty of fluids not alcohol!! Eat whatever you fancy and treat your body. It will thank you and start to replenish and renew all you have lost.

Take all the help you are offered and look on it all as a learning curve . Onwards and upwards .

Sending love and hugs xx


I'm trying to drink alot of fluids but can only manage so much. Thank you for a positive message I appreciate it as I'm struggling

Have been where you are pain killers will mess up your organs and will cause horrible pain. Please if it is that bad go to a hospital what one you won't too some just don't listen. If you need to phone crisis team please what ever stay safe any way you can it will get better don't have guilt or shame .

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I had been at hospital and got the antidote although I don't feel any better at all.

Also did you get better over time coping with this? I'm struggling so much with it it's horrible.

I did get better it was so hard I hated my self and everything and just wanted it to stop. I have had this on and off for years if this your first time probably won't happen again and I promise you will get better you won't believe me I never did until I did get better please hold on .do you have a diagnosis I have PTSD .x


Did any of the symptoms I described did you have them too? Diagnosis I was near liver failure apart from that dry eyes depression and anxiety. The dryness is driving me up the wall at the minute. I'm sleeping just to feel better

Hi Epixjinx,

We are so sorry to read that you are feeling so bad, we will send you a personal message with some links to support that will hopefully be helpful.

Warm wishes,


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