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Hi all, well I had pain in right side, and was sent for an ultrasound. Eventually I got hold of a doctor who informed me ( over the phone ) I had scarring of the liver, I asked what next and was told they would do a follow up in six months. Now sat twiddling my thumbs, itching on legs yes, terribly flatulent. Surely they should have called me in for test etc? Since the call I haven't touched any alcohol, nearly a month now. Any advice????

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Karl, Sorry to hear your having a big of a rough time. The ultrasound is standard along with blood tests, you can tell a lot from both, that's where they discovered I had my liver issues. In some cases people don't have any further tests in others (mine for example) they don't stop with the tests. I know which I'd rather!

Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I think most people have some level of scaring on there livers, depending on the grade of it depends on being a 'watch and wait' and being seen urgently.

Well done on the no drinking, that the best all round especially if you are being told you have some 'possible' problems. If I'm not mistaken you can also recover from scarring with good diet and reduced drinking.

As anyone on her will tell you, you are fully entitled to get a second opinion. Non of us are qualified to make any medical diagnosis, we can however advise you and tell you what we know from previous experiences. Itching, I find that using a cream for dry skin is great, deprobase, Nivea, E45 something similar, I am also on an antihistamine daily. Can't help you with the flatulence I'm afraid.

Use the British Liver Trust website as a guide to liver health there is lots of information there, that is useful to almost everyone. I would also advise speaking to your GP again, especially to put your mind at rest!

Best of Luck!


Hi thanks for the reply, seeing Doctor today hopefully get some more info. No blood tests as yet maybe he will request some. I was surprised there where no follow ups recommended? Just a phone call and see you in 6 months.I was sure my drinking wasn't obsessive but sometimes maybe we convince ourselves that is the case....

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The thing is you know your body better than anyone and if something doesn't feel right then we want to fix it...that's normal, you wouldn't ignore sounds your car makes if they weren't 'normal' but I would say speak to your GP again. Good Luck for this afternoon!


I would find a liver specialty clinic.. You may be able to get a non-invasive fibroscan. It is very affordable. I have been going through something similar for more than a year. I had to stop waiting for my internal medicine doc to stop chasing dead ends. I am now being tested for a rare genetic disorder that has up until January been completely missed.

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Appointment this afternoon I will assess afterwards, see what they say.



Welcome to the forum.

It may be a good idea to ask for another appointment with your GP to have time to ask some important questions about the 'scarring on the liver'.

You can think about asking; what is meant by scarring? is there a diagnosis? What is the current liver function? how it will affect your lifestyle and how your liver will be monitored in the future? You can also discuss your itching symptoms with them.

Can you bring someone with you to the appointment? it may help if they can write things down for you to help you remember what was said.

You may find the following publications useful to read prior to your discussion with the GP;

You can also ask your GP for a referral to a liver specialist for more informed advice.

If you need to talk, the helpline is open at the British Liver Trust Monday to Friday 10-3pm on 0800 652 7330

Best wishes,



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