I had a bit of a fall off the old wagon last weekend celebrating a family birthday and then the match the following day. Thought I'd be fine seeing as I'd felt great and hadn't had any beers since the Festive period.


Since yesterday I've had discomfort on my right-side and felt nauseous at times. Think my liver is getting pissed off with me. I'm seeing the consultant prior to discharge in April and he will ask about my current drinking levels and I'll tell him the truth of it bring occasional now rather than frequent.. I think, when I tell him of the discomfort, I know what he'll say as I think I'm kidding myself on thinking if I cut right down on my alcohol as I've done that things will get better in time. I think it's going to have to be 100% abstention from now on before the damage is irreversible. I always thought alcoholic liver disease was something that happened to people who drink much more than I ever did. I was wrong there too. Sorry, people, just feeling a bit low and berating myself for drinking again. Onwards and upwards as the saying goes.


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  • Hi it's better to come to the realisation that it's better to avoid alcohol completely sooner rather than later. I didn't drink much and I ended up with cirrhosis as soon as I was diagnosed 6 years ago I stopped completely I don't miss it and actually prefer being teetotal. As you say your liver was just struggling a bit after the alcohol you consumed last weekend.

    I hope you have the strength to do it completely as none of us would want you to go through what we have or are it's an awful disease and robs you off a lot.

    Good luck 🍀 and if your struggling then that's what the site is for x

  • Thanks for your kind words and support.

  • Hi,

    At least you have discovered that drinking is not a sound option for you before you have damaged your liver too much. Hopefully your liver will stop grumbling and realise you are now going to to be good to it. It took me over 20 years of drinking before I realised how wonderful life is without alcohol inside of me and I have now been sober for over 22 years, not that I am counting!!

    Good luck with your continued sobriety.

    Sioban xx

  • Thank you for your support

  • Hi, OK! So you fell off the wsgon, just get back on but put your seat belt on this time. I'm sure you can make it, you have done the right thing and addmitted it. Round one to you.

  • Old habits die hard! Just keep chipping away.. You can still enjoy friends, family, the match, just find something to drink you can enjoy! I have just done six months..with a few little blips..and each one reminds you its not a great idea.

  • I have not had a drink for nearly 5years,i have liver cirrhosis,i can honestly say the only way to keep temptation at bay is to avoid any where or place where there is alcohol,even if it means having to stop mixing with friends,hard choice but there it is.Good luck.

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