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Good Morning,

I have a hypothetical question;

Where does the Law stand with regard to euthanasia and cirrhosis? If advanced stage can be confirmed and the patient has no family or support network, but obviously is of sound mind, etc...., can the Patient themselves make the decision?

I would be grateful if anyone knows where we stand on this.

Kind regards, C

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  • Where do you live, in which country the law is different.

  • UK, although travel is not a problem

  • At the moment euthanasia is illegal in the UK. However, as yet there have been no prosecutions that were successful against those from the UK have taken people to Dignitas. If you are from the UK and Dignitas accept you, and if you travel alone, there would be no one to prosecute (just as in suicide) so there would be nothing the law could do. It is possible though that you could be seen as a vulnerable person and a court order put in place to stop you travelling. It is also possible that Dignitas would not accept you. For whatever reason you are exploring this route I hope you think carefull. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

  • Thank you

  • No legal route to euthenasia in the UK & sadly one of the diagnostic factors of end stage liver disease would be symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy and if that were present then the question of being of sound mind or not would come into play. As others have stated there are people who've travelled abroad to Dignitas etc.

  • Indeed. Catch 22 of sorts. The time (may) come, and you have the additional challenge of proving sound mind. It's not something I've seriously considered but, if it does, I want all options open. Thanks for your time

  • Hepatic Encephalopathy will play a part in end stage liver disease, it's unavoidable. Even if more intense attacks are not present, general decision making is hampered. Having suffered end stage liver disease myself I know that I was not thinking clearly for years before even being put forward for assessment.

  • No idea about euthanasia but the question is a concern. What is your diagnosis? What are your concerns? There's a wealth of knowledge and experience on this forum.

  • I am only interested in having all the information I can, ensuring it is all current and consistent. I am on my own, and as such do not wish to be caught 'on-the-hop', so to speak. When I decide that I have had enough, there will be no procrastinating and no need for sentiment. One of the greatest things allowed us still is choice, is it not...?

  • This is probably the information you're looking for

    But it's worth noting that if you have final stage liver disease its very likely that you won't be considered to be able to make good judgements because a symptom of liver disease is Hepatic Encephalopathy.

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