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Anyone else with a similar experience??

I'm 53, and I'm so bloody weak! Stopped drinking for twelve years, after probably seven or eight years of a dozen pints a day or more. Felt great, fit, and healthy. Then, three and a half years ago, I opened my first beer again, and soon after that, my first bottle of Scotch. The drinking soon escalated back to the same quantities of years ago, but this time there was something different. Within a year or so, I began having a dull pain in my upper right quadrant, just under my ribs, and even inside the lower ribcage, just below the nipple. Had a hell of a fright and stopped the alcohol. Three weeks later, the pain was gone, and I began drinking again. This has become a habit for the last three and a half years - start, stop, start again, stop - and every time the pain is worse. I now have sudden shooting pains sometimes to top the dull ache, and I'm worried again. But that seems to be it. I don't have any other symptoms: no yellow eyes or skin, no ascites, no itching, no varices. Some light-headed/dissiness sometimes. I'm also lucky in that I don't get withdrawal symptoms every time I leave the drinking. But that's it, now. I'm finished for good, but just hope it's not too late. The pain gets quite bad, some of the time. Please share your experiences with me, and if possible, some positive input.

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I've done a lot of research on the internet, and I'm 100% sure it's my liver, not gallbladder. Maybe some pancreas probs to an extent. Also some spleen. All related I'm sure. Oh, yes, I'm in South Africa, with no health plan, where the hospitals and staff are notoriously bad.


you could have fatty liver but suggest you knock it on the head-don't keep bingeing.


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