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Biliary Cysts

Male 43 been getting chest pain for 18 months. All blood tests, stress tests and echo cardiogram show no cardiac disease. Was sent for Cardio CT scan two weeks ago and results now back showing all clear cardio wise but noted 'two small biliary cysts noted'. Phoned GP today who had also had copy of letter and told to ignore bit about cysts as it said that they were small. Is this correct info or should they investigate further?

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Have you had live function blood tests done? Is your intone very dark, stools very light in colour, is it worst if you have fatty foods/alcohol. If they are small cysts they may never give you any trouble, if you get any symptoms get liver blood test done sharpish. I have been told a lot of people have cysts they are very common, it's only if they cause a problem will they pursue them, I assume your chest pain is the other side if your having heart checks done?


Hi Dulux

Stools have been light and what can best be described as 'oily' for a couple of years, something doctor has always put down to IBS (though it's not possible to definitively diagnose, just rule other things out). Don't drink alcohol, only occasional fatty food and no acid reflux or other indigestion symptoms.

Have had a range of blood tests over the last year, the only 'abnormal' result was slightly low white blood count and raised lipids but no action taken.

Chest pain was mainly in upper right chest, hence cardiac was always an unlikely cause, though occasionally radiated to left side.

I'm sure all is fine but just found it odd my GP dismissed the discovery just by reading five words on a letter from the cardiology department!


The cysts could be causing a slight obstruction of part of the biliary system, I have an obstruction of the bile ducts, and I have many symptoms and have had abnormal blood results from initial diagnosis.

If it is something that is troubling you I suggest either asking your gp for clarification, or asking for referral, I find that my blood tests and liver function tests give a good enough picture of what is occurring, I get copies of these to send to the transplant team and for my own interest. I hope that someone can reassure you or get to the bottom of what is happening.


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