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Aching liver

Fitness mad all my life until age 37 & i started drinking heavily whisky at home for3yrs.At 40 i had to give up i became pregnant and had a big beautiful boy. Symptoms then

Enlarged liver doc said & i felt ill &pain. Had all bloods done all perfect had pipes up and down nothing but gastritis had liver scan yrly nothing wrong.8yrs on i have liver pains on & off badly up my back my glands are up all over my body mood swings foggy brain&im exhausted,my stools are yellow & i have diarrhea alot and i cant now digest fats or milks my feet and body hurts think its irritable bowel but i can feel its my liver it hurts constantly like an ache with a stab up my back

I'm very healthy in my body eating etc&i'm part of a cycling team.(last 6wks im so tired i feel like im dying) i have not had a drink in 9yrs or smoked for 26yrs,only painkillers i have ever taken are paracodol.i have a appt this friday to try and ask doc for a fibroscan or ct.normal scan says my gallbladder is superb...any help would be much appreciated as i have no life like this.

Test results&why i dont trust docs.

Doc wrongly diagnosed me at 30 i had ectopic i nrly died.They wrongly diagnosed my daughter&she had meningitis &they wrongly diagnosed my father&he died of lung cancer &he never smoked.

Need advise thankyou in advance

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Oh& constant headaches and odd times been sick but not badly no yellow eyes or itching


You have the right to ask for a second opinion. But it sounds like there is a lot more going on


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