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Still waiting for diagnosis aih/psc

I have had scans showing a shadow and 4 biopsy samples taken. I have been told my liver cells are raw and bile ducts inflamed in one area only, not all over the liver and was given the impression this was not the normal way damage is seen. They have ruled out cancer but are still testing bloods to decide if they should treat aih or if it's pbc or if I have both.

I am very sore and uncomfortable with pressure around my right ribcage. I feel so tired with no energy most of the time. I also am very thirsty. I went to the doctors a year ago thinking I might be diabetic, but that is all o.K. My alt has come down from nearly 800 to approx 50 in the last year but my ggt is around 500!

I am not on any medications yet, but am so worried that I am not feeling any better.

Has anyone else had only part of the liver damaged? Could you let me know what your outcome was?

My next visit to the Consultant is not until March/April'17.



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