Cirrhosis just diagnosed loads of questions

Evening all. I was diagnosed today and whilst I was able to ask some questions I have loads more. I'd welcome any answers you might have.

Is it usual for them to assume it is alcohol related? I ask because I did have a problem for a couple of years drinking 1 to 2 bottles of wine each day but I was told a by the Dr that wasn't enough to have caused cirrhosis and said sure you don't mean whisky. He told me that the biopsy did not show a cause so they are assuming alcohol related.

I am to have an OGD, I've never had any bleeding, is there anything I can do/take to reduce risk of bleeding?

Diet...I had ascites and am on spironolactone 100mg. From reading I need to switch to a low salt diet, but I've read conflicting things on protein and fats some saying more some saying less. Was anyone given any specific advice?

I am taking a multivitamin and b complex. I can't find thiamine over the counter anywhere.

Has anyone found any good sources for recipes that are really low SALT? I'm thinking for curries etc, and perhaps foe ceasar dressing?

Any other advice much appreciated.

Also it possible to get life/travel insurance Anywhere?

I seem to be stable now, all bloods normal except very slightly low creatine but Dr said only 1 point below normal range, I'm back to my normal wait and feeling pretty good.

Thanks for listening and merry Christmas Everyone!

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  • Hi, There are a lot of questions that you would like to have answered about what to expect in the future. I can only tell you about myself, as for salt in your diet be aware of foods with natural salt. You make a good point about people assuming cirrhosis being caused by alcohol, I had cirrhosis and was always asked how much I drank every day , I never drank. Talk to your GP maybe they can refer you to a dietician, take any problems as they happen don't look for them . Take care.

  • Hi, mine is caused by an autoimmune disorder, I don't drink. As for travel insurance, you will find it difficult. I finally tracked one down with a company called Voyager. Good luck x

  • hi Glad-you're feeling well-the general advice about salt is too avoid foods that are high in salt-the usual suspects bacon/processed meats etc. normal levels of salt and by normal I mean what's recommended by nutrionists may well be ok for you. As for fat-same thing-if your bloods are normal then the liver may be working pretty well too so has no issue processing the fats. I think its an issue if the liver is seriously damaged. There are dietary guidelines on the British Liver Trust website

    all the best

  • Thank you folks. The very low salt bit I think is to reduce the risk of water retention. I'm starting to get an ache in the back of my pelvis and in the joints of my little and ring fingers. Has anyone else had this?

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