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Training Nurses in Liver Disease & Ascites Drains Eastern Region Liver Nurses Study Day Friday 14/10/2016

Hello All!

I just wanted to tell everyone something passed on to me by main Nurse Specialist at Addenbrookes.

As some of you know, at my hospital I am blessed to have two ascites drain nurse specialists. They work full time, Mon- Fri.

I have often heard people talk about not being able to get drains, or attending smaller hospitals with nurses that are not trained properly in liver disease and in giving drains..Sometimes not being able to get a drain at all, or waiting 6 or 8 weeks. Some, or many of us do not know about the best dietary needs for fatty liver disease, and nutrition in general.

I mentioned this to my Nurse Practitioner. She does more drains than any other nurse specialist in all of the UK.

So, she and her close friend friend from Norwich have set up a nurses training day! It will specialized in liver disease, ascites draining etc.

Some of the issues that will be discussed are as followed.

Interpretation of Bloods


Fatty Liver


Viral Hepatitis




Variceal Bleed

End of Life Care

This is for nurses within the Eastern Regional Network, working at either ward level, prisons, or drug services looking after patients specifically liver disease.

Places are limited, and are on a first come first served basis.

Please email

to secure your place.

Its located at:

Joan Westbrook Lecture Theatre

at The National Stud




So, if your in the Eastern Regional Area, speak to your nurses. They can learn how to conduct a drain properly, the best nutrition for us, and for fatty livers, HE, etc.

I hope this can be of some value to you when you see your nurses, or practitioners next time. Maybe you could even get a practitioner from your surgery to attend. Who knows? They could at least get the information. In having that, they could help your GP for a referral. You could ask anyways. It's worth a shot! (I personally think every surgery should have a nurse who is trained in basic knowledge about all the organs and how to spot disease!)

Next on my list is a training day to inform patients about all of these things!!! :) That sure would be nice for many of us!

Again, this is for training nurses only.

Cheering everyone on!



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It might be an idea for a group of service users from here to connect with the British Liver Trust / British Liver Nurses Forum and ensure we are represented at national conferences and any developments in the nursing care we receive as patients and families of patients.


Ooh, great idea! Thx! I'll let her know Monday!




I'm a member of the RCN and therefore as a nurse with an interest in all things liver - entitled to join the British Liver Nurses Forum. I could influence from within ! I'm actually not working anymore but my membership continues as a retired member.


That is a fantastic idea😊

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Brilliant , just needs to happen all over the country next.


I completely agree..well, we have to start somewhere! :)

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And a brilliant start it is too.


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