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4 years post transplant problems

Further to my previous post re 4 years post transplant problems.

Consultant forgot to book the scan!. Had hassle as he had gone on hols. Finally got it done. Go back to Liver Clinic Thursday week. In the meantime he has been seen by his GP who feels his liver is enlarged. He also had an appointment with Dermatology and we told him of the problems. He examined him and today the letter from him states that "on examination his abdomen was clearly distened and his liver and spleen are both enlarged".

Now getting really worried.

Anybody else experienced this?

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Just a thought Freddie, How about ,phoning the hospital as you,re so understandingly worried and offering to take any cancellation places?. Don,t know how practical that is for you (you may have to ,phone every morning ) but usually someone cancels.. Goodluck. anne x


Thanks, but as the appointment is already booked I might bring it forward and the Scan has not been reported on, so will hang on.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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