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Labor Day is over. Today I may get to talk to my doc. I have had no more than 4 cups of fluid or yogurt for 4 days. The size is diminishing. I do get small bits of time where there is not so much pain but mostly is painful and very uncomfortable. I have never been drained and I have had Ascites 3 or maybe 4 times since fall 2011. Its nice this morning to finds notes from a few of you. Thank you so much. I think lots about how much we are all struggling. I know I am not alone and many are having a far harder time than me. Thanks for your support. Aloha

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  • Good news, you must be doing something right. Are you taking diuretics? Because when I had ascities that's the only thing that shifted it bar a liver transplant.

  • Hi catfish, glad to hear the size is diminishing, I hope you did get to talk to your doctor today x

  • Hi Cat! 😀

    Great to hear from you although I'm sorry you have taken a slight decline. Yes, we're with you all the way! 😀 Are you still managing to cycle?

    It would be good to speak with your Dr. Are you diminishing in weight? Muscle wastage? Fluids?

    You will be very dehydrated after drinking so little. Maybe suck on an ice cube, ice lolly or a segment of fruit. Try to give your body a little nutrition.

    Please let me know how your conversation goes with your Dr, I'll be thinking of you.

    Sending you love and wishing you well.


  • Hi White Feather. I am doing better. Could you read my post to Tillcindy below for my update. I should have just made it an updated post to all of you. Thank you for thinking of me. I do not know what I'd do without this group. People here are mature, informed and honest. I hope things are going good for you.

  • Hello cat, I,ve not replied to you before but have followed your posts with interest. I would like to tell you that I realised through reading them how important exercise is and accordingly began to try and do more myself. This is a great place to learn from others. So sorry you are going through the mill at the present time. Wishing you well, if anyone can find a way through this difficult time, it will be you. I don.t know if you take any supplements ect or if you have managed on diet alone and exercise alone but certainly hope you can quickly get the pain under control. There is nothing more wretched feeling than ascites. Hope you get through to your doctor a.s.a.p. Please keep us updated. Thinking of you. yours anne.

  • It means so much to be that you have started exercising because you can hear how much it helps me. Times like now when I cannot cycle are far easier because I do cycle. Its an endurance routine for me. I just push far enough to increase confidence in myself then its that confidence that gets me through the painful and fearful aspects of what happens when things start to go wrong, like right now. I am slowly getting better. I have not been to ER or called my doctor. I do not suggest anyone reacts to their symptoms as I do. Its dangerous and its risky. Its my nature to take my life into my own hands first. I am so full of cirrhosis I do not want anything done to my body. Now the size has diminished enough that I think when I see my doc that nothing drastic will be necessary. I do plan to alter my lifesyle a bit and quit wearing myself out endurance exercising. My liver no longer stores enough energy for that. I had an excellent diet too but its time to change it again so food requires less bile to digest. I knew I was drinking too much fluid and too much organic coffee, this test has made it clear if I want relief I cannot afford to do that. There were a couple of organic foods in my life, for one, Polenta. I will remove it. By my doctor's appointment I should be going well enough again and I think I am ready to talk transplant. People here have remarkable experiences. I may still qualify if my cancer tumor is still encapsulated and there is no new cancer anywhere but on the islands we do not see many transplanted even though we have an excellent transplant doctor. So now its a matter of finding out about that. I am not cycling again yet but I am stronger and its not been but about a week since I went down. This time I learned how to organize help, to ask for help, to pay for help. I tend to ride fear alone, its very overwhelming stuff; fear. We all know lots about it. I believe I will cycle again. Thats long winded and I should have posted it to update everyone but alas I just left it at adressing your note directly. Thank you. Catfishjumpin

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