Bit of a Conundrum ?

Hi Everyone,

Was hoping to bring good news but not as yet. He's in hospital again unfortunately.

Took him last Tuesday evening 'cos he had been vomiting for a few days. Anyway no surprise to any of us but started with H.E. soon after. On the mend now though but imagine my SHOCK when I saw his legs yesterday. They are thinner than before he became ill ! Consultant said it's because he's been in bed a week. I didn't think about it at the time but he's been in a hospital bed most of the time since February so how can this be ? Any ideas would be most welcome.

Thanks Guys as always. Xx

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  • Thinking about you both, h0b0 x

  • Thanks sooo much. x

  • Also end stage liver disease ravages muscle. High protein diet is really important.

  • Thanks but that's quite frightening.

  • Insist, if its not already happening, that he gets referred to a dietitian in the liver transplant team. Then a diet can be suggested but importantly high protein drinks/ supplements can be prescribed. Also when he is in bed get him to flex his calf and feet muscles. This helps prevent blood clots and will help him to keep mobile.

  • Thoughts are with you be strong


  • Thanks Chris.x

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