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Feeding by tube

Hello all,

My husband is being admitted to hospital in the next week for feeding by tube via his nose to his stomach. Does anyone know how long he would be in hospital for approximately? He is eating but very little and when he does it only stays in his body approximately 10 to 20 minutes he has terrible diarrhoea, and consequently his bottom is very sore and he can't sit for long, he is staying in bed more and more, says his back aches when he sits up. Is this all part of his Cirrhosis he is very thin and has lost even more weight this last week.

I would be grateful for any advice, thank you.

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Hello NanaL, My good wishes to you both. I have heard that Sudocrem is good for sore bottoms but please check with your husbands' healthworker just in case they recommend something else.

I haven't any personal experience of cirrhosis so I can't offer more advice. All good wishes.



Once they have established that he can tolerate the feeding regime and he appears to begin to gain weight there is no reason that he cannot continue the nutritional therapy at home. My weight pre-transplant was a worry and they considered a home routine of naso-gastric feeding. Thankfully I gained enough weight to avoid it. .

As for the sore bottom - good regular nursing care will help. He will have a thorough assessment of his skin on admission, that is routine for everybody no matter the reason for the admission. In his nursing file there will be a "body map" which is completed on the day of admission. You should ask to see it to confirm for yourself that the nursing staff are aware of the high risk for developing pressure ulcers. Just make sure they are aware of the soreness when you arrive on the ward.

With the machine working and the tube intact he should be fairly mobile and wont necessarily need to be in bed

Hope all goes well for you.



PS Ask if he can be nursed on a pressure relieving mattress (air bed)


I managed the ng tube at home.a nurse wwill show you how and a distric nurse will show you when the machine and food is delivered to you.its easy and portable so you can go out, i didnt go out but got around the house.i did mine during the day so i could sleep at night without all the wires in the way.as long as you stick to the hours you,ll be fine.good luck.


Thank you all for your replies, feel less daunted about things now,



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