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Liver Multiscan looking good!

Went for my multiscan this morning and it confirms that my liver is managing to repair, I will be waiting a couple of weeks for the full results but the big one for me was my liver has a normal amount of fat, which is amazing really, it showed that I still had a lot of fat around my liver but little within it. So changing my lifestyle really has worked, 5 stone gone and another 20 pounds to go.

I do have some fibrosis, but it seems not as much as the biopsy suggested 9 months ago. Im hoping they offer another multiscan in 6 months so that i can compare like for like.

I also got a different opinion on my drinking to what my consultant suggested. I was told previously that drinking alcoholically for nearly 20 years had not affected my liver as LFT's returned to normal after I stopped 14 years ago. Today, he said that with with the amounts i was drinking it most definitely would have affected my liver and the normal LFT's didnt really mean too much. Sort of confirmed that today as my last bloods were all within range except ALT which was only slightly elevated still and Fibrosis is still present.

Im happy that I am still managing to do the right thing and living in hope that my liver one day returns to normal :-)

Wishing you all well on your journeys


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That's amazing news Anne 5 stone! Wow well done, I'm really pleased for you that you can see good results for all your hard work. 😃

All the best and wishing you a happy,healthy life from here on in.



Brilliant news Anne x


what a blessing, I pray every day I am sober 8 weeks and the change in my health is reassuring. I had hep c and continued to drink as I was very sick with that other terrible disease - alcoholism ! I went on the new drug compound - "Harvoni" as I had a good health plan at the time, since retired from teaching 26 years. This compound treatment cleared the virus ( i had genotype 1a most virulent of them all) after two previous attempt with pegatron and pegasis to no avail. Classed as a nonreponder at the time (that was 10 years ago) I felt a death sentence had been imposed, so that's why I lingered in my self pity and drank daily. Now I continue to sustain a 0 viral load after being off the drug for 18 months . Praise the Lord. Now I am retired living in the country on a modest pension, my relationship with my wife of 32 years is totally renewed, She stuck with me through all the bad days and I only pray that I will continue.

But there is more, the hep c had nibbled away at my liver resulting in non-symtomatic cirrhosis, or a compensated liver. I have annual scans and blood work and am by no means out of the woods, All I can do is eat a balanced diet free of alcohol, excessive amounts of refined sugar, gone, I am used Stevia and honey, as a sugar substitute. In addition to the sugar deal, I must totally avoid saturated fats, as the last scan detected fat deposits, but 0 regenerative nodes lots of fibrosis though. Finally, I must drastically cut down on salt and exercise daily. I am soon to receive a chocolate lab and this will give plenty of time to exercise. Finally being retired I have not the stress that my teaching job provided in abundance. I will pray for you anne, I ask that you pray for me, keep in touch.


Thats great to read, I have managed to remain abstinent from alcohol for a bit over 14 years now which is great so was devastated when I was diagnosed with NASH cirrhosis 2 years ago, got a major resentment as I had not drank for 12 years. I can honestly say that I am enjoying my new lifestyle now and it has become a new way of life. Yesterday I bought some new walking boots as I am going to France on Saturday and plan to be doing lots of walking everyday and will hopefully find a local pool so I can continue with my regular swimming.

I was sceptical as my last ultrasound showed no fat in my liver, to be honest they have given me so many differing messages I did not want to believe what he told me and risk the disappointment of being told it was wrong in the future, this MRI confirmed it for me, which was amazing.

I pray for help to remain away from drink and to maintain my healthier lifestyle every day and will include you in my prayers, best of luck for your continued abstinence from alcohol and all things bad for your liver!



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