Hi everyone, just joined my name is Mike and I was recently diagnosed with NAFLD and I am also a full time carer for my wife. I have been reading several posts and feel a little silly turning to a support group when I only have nafld compared to what every one else is going through on here. I guess I joined because being a full time carer I've not had anyone to talk to about this stupid nafld as everyone I know is only interested in my wifes health and never ask how I'm doing but such is life. Any way I hope you are all having a reasonably comfortable night. All the best

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  • No need to feel like that Mike, we all have our own story and each is important to its owner. It's good to have somewhere to go for help, advice or just to vent when it gets tough. I'm still at the investigation stage of my story so I'm quite new to this but people have given me some help on here and just reading others questions and answers has helped me understand a bit of what's happening. I hope you find some assistance on here. We're all in the same boat in one way or another.

  • Hi Cathy, what are you having investigated? It's good to know there are others out their as I don't know anyone and the advice I tend to get off my family tends to be man up princess lol.

    Hope your having a good day :)

  • Hi Mike, looks like you got some good answers. I hope that's made you feel a bit better. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis but the drugs I've been taking for that need me to have my blood checked monthly. At Christmas my liver function had shot up and one or two ther things so they've had to stop the meds and are looking into what's going on. The Rheumy Dr's obviously think it's not their meds that have caused problems but the Heptologist is trying to decide if I have cirrhosis, fibrosis or NAFLD and what has caused it. Until they decide they've sort of left me in limbo. I finally got something new to try for the RA but I'm really apprehensive now.

    You have my sympathy on the getting up late thing, my partner had a breakdown a few years back and now he goes to bed early hours and gets up later. I'm ok with that but others find it hard to accept and call him lazy, if it works for him and keeps him happy let him be I say.

    As long as he keeps treating me right I'm ok with it! 😉

  • yeah I do feel a little better, it's always nice to have people to talk to :). I have mild arthritis as well I can never remember which one only that it's where the joints are rubbing down I try not to pay much attention to it but I do look funny in bad weather because the cold make my knees ache and lock up a bit so I end up limping haha.

    I agree with you on the if it works let him get on with it bit because I can't sleep until I'm totally exhausted but the boss just keeps telling me to go to sleep earlier but I physically can't because of my PTSD.

    Although sometimes an early night can be a good thing ;)

  • Hiya mike that fatty . should not belittle your problems.everyone has different issues and it is a great place to get support without any outside infuence.

    I have an autoimmune.l.dusease but also see life from my husbands perspective also my mum was a carer whilst ill herself.

    There is no real let up for you i would husband recently was quite poorly with a virus but i was worried that working full time and helping me and bringing up our children as our youngest up who was a tny baby when first diagnosed.

    I did think his system was finally saying too much....!!!

    I was mum whilst quite altjough not a carer in the same way i was unable to just be unwell and only have to cope with that.

    Do you suffer from fatigue?are you getting other symptoms.?

    Best wishes cazer.

  • Hi Cazer yeah it is Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I do get fatigued very easily

  • It does get a bit relentless sometimes especially as people with borderlines are in some ways like children in a way because if they aren't feeling 100% then everything has to be about them and they rely on others to make the effort for them if you get me? For example if she isn't feeling 100% and I need us to go out to sort out the bills or visit family or my appointments if it doesn't benefit her then she won't do it full stop and will use threats of suicide to try and get me to drop it. She is in hospital at the moment with a mystery severe pain in her side and she knows that I rarely sleep before 4am because I have PTSD and yet the first thing she does every day is phone me between 7am and 10am and doesn't stop ringing until I answer or she kicks off on texts because I dared not to answer her then when I do its either to tell me how much she is suffering or to ask me to take things in for her, never "how are you, are you feeling ok" etc.

    So yeah it can be pretty arduous at times especialy like you say when your not feeling great yourself

  • I don't think she is doing it intentionally, I think it's more to do with her condition because when she is bad she is like a child and is unable to see beyond her own needs and when we go out she panics if she loses sight of me. as for the sleep part I've had 8 years of only sleeping for between 4 and 6 hours a night most nights if I can sometimes sleep for 8 hours but if I do I feel rotten for a couple of hours after I've woken up. I was shattered the other night an fell to sleep at 11 pm and I was wide awake and refreshed at 5am the next morning. I'm just weird haha

  • Liver can do that but as you say there are other things you have to contend with.

    I hope you can find some way forward for both of you.

    The liver disease is very hard to deal with the symptoms can be pretty grime and take wishes cazer

  • Hi Mike, I'm quite new here as well, I have nafld and also gallstones I get my gallbladder taken out tomorrow nafld can be reversed which I plan to do so to the best of my ability once I recover from the surgery. I am also a carer for my husband my son and my 94 year old mother in law. There are a great deal of very helpful friends on this site and will give you lots of help and advice.



  • Hi Cheli, sounds like you have a hell of alot to deal with, I'm not going to ask how you cope being a carer because I don't know about you but on the odd occasion people do ask how I am it almost always involves the question.... how do you cope with being a carer, don't you ever feel like walking away. To which the answer is usually I have no idea I just get on with it lol. As for the nafld how does that affect you because I'm finding it hard to reverse it as most days I'm to exhausted to do anything so only do what absolutely has to be done that day and lately I've been finding that I'm having days where I feel really confused and disorientated

  • Hi Mike, and welcome! Please don't think that you "only" have NAFLD. If left unchecked, it can progress to cirrhosis. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease almost a year ago. I was able to reverse it - all my blood work is normal now and my last MRI showed the fatty deposits disappearing. I tried to document my journey in case it helps others; you can read about it if you click on my name and go to my profile. I found these groups to be very helpful. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks here that are willing to help each other out.

  • hi Chyna, that's good to hear how did you find it did you experience any symptoms etc?

  • Hi Mike. I am new here and to other support groups. I am also at the start of my journey after my diagnosis. I can tell tou the replys i have had have been very informative and the are some genuenlly supportive people out there that do care. I personally have had some fantastic advice from some fantastic people in this group!!

    I hope you get what you need from it. I wish you all the best mate and your wife too.

    Take care and God Bless mate.


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