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Hello. I'm writing on behalf of my mum so apologies if it doesn't make complete sense... My mum has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver (non-alcoholic) and suffers from ascites. At the moment, she is drained every 3 weeks and loses 7 litres. Today her consultant at the Royal agree said that they have assessed her for the Alfa pump and would like to put her forward. Does anyone else use the Alfa pump and would be willing to share their experience of it (good and bad) so she can decide whether to go for it or not? The general anaesthetic is her biggest reservation at the moment. Many thanks. Helen

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  • I hadn't heard of it but it sounds excellent to me, a very clever device. Your mum having a drain every 3 weeks must be miserable, both the constant ascites and continual draining!! Hope she finds this helpful, let us know what you decide. All the best


  • Helen, that link takes you to the wrong place. Thought you would want to know,min case you wanted to change it!



  • Thank you Kimberly I didn't notice that!!! Def the wrong link lol 👍🏼 xx

  • Hi constant drainiig is a pain ,i had two and a half years of it you not only get rid of fluid but nutrients as well ,the alfa pump a clever bit of kit shuting doun at night i belive ,ive had a tips bypass shunt took a long time to work ,but not been drained for nearly a year regards

  • Thank you all for your replies. Mum did have the tips operation in April 2015 but for whatever reason it did not work for her. She is still considering the pump but I think the anaesthetic is the thing worrying her the most!

    You are an amazing bunch coping with this illness - I can see how difficult it is from the last two years with my Mum. Until now I hadn't realised just how much the liver does!

    Thanks for your replies. :-)

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