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cirrosis and how to keep it under control and cure parts of it ,for a normal life plesae read

cirrhosis ,iwent into my doctors with blood readings or ,1188 for rerntin,1,400,for&GT, alt 203 pa 126, the doctor said i need a transplant , there was blood sweat and tears dizzy all the time confusion ,tierness ,and depression ,,i thought my normal life was over ive been on this site from the start and had support ,but ,no one gave me the wright advice ,,i took many remerdys that people said ,were no good ,but im fit now and can do more or les and more than wwhen i was first diognosed ,the doctors were amazed as well as me ,if you want to email me i would hel ,it can be done and im living proof ,i will help all i can mr m harding harding1@btinternet.com ,take care and chin up x

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what works for some may not work for others. people can only share their own experience about what has or has not worked for them, as you have found out for yourself. so no one is to blame or giving the wrong advice if they are talking about them self and they'r own experience. im so glad to hear that you have picked up and tried things out for yourself and found what has worked for you. this is great news to hear that you are feeling so well and fit. long may this continue. keep well love grace xoxoxo


well if you dont try you wont know ,thats as simple ansure as you can get,i would try anything to improve my health,maybe you wouldnt ,but criticism wont help anyone


thats exactly what i said. this is what my post said.''im so glad to hear that you have picked up and tried things out for yourself and found what has worked for you." love grace xoxo


Without getting into a row with you Giles111 - having read your only previous post you said that the out of range blood test results were only 8 weeks ago (a bit longer now since your post is 20 days old or so) at that stage your doctor told you you had cirrhosis based only it appears on blood test results - it generally takes other tests such as biopsy, scans or the presence of other symptoms to indicate full on cirrhosis and it can not be diagnosed purely on blood results. Infact a cirrhotic liver can actually produce near normal LFT results as my hubbies do.

After a cessation of alcohol and actually having had a scan it would indicate no liver damage and your more recent blood test results have improved dramatically.

I would be more tempted to go with the diagnosis at the start of your illness being alcoholic hepatitis (i.e. liver inflammation due to alcohol resulting in deranged Liver Function Tests) and not cirrhosis. Following the cessation of alcohol and perhaps looking after yourself a bit better (with or without alternative remedies) your liver is recovering from the liver inflammation.

You are saying no one gave you support or the correct advice on here, I would say that your doctor jumped the gun giving you a diagnosis of cirrhosis without the full picture. You certainly did not have cirrhosis 8+ weeks ago and then totally cure it with your alternative remedies and lifestyle change.

What you have given your liver the chance to recover from the damage alcohol was doing to it - WELL DONE on that. Please don't say you didn't get advice on here, you certainly did but what you didn't have was an accurate diagnosis from your doctor.

You've had a warning shot about the alcohol and the potential of it doing damage to your liver so hopefully you can continue to look after yourself going forward and live a long and happy and fit life.

All the best to you, Katie


i have seen 2 doctors ,had a scan ,and with my blood results showed i havd liver damage ,i can give you my doctors number and adress ,he was more surprised than me ,i said are you sure the blood test are wright ,and the scan ,your no doctor or profecianal to coment ,there are people like you ,who just dont belive ,but i have every proof ,im well again ,you a pesamistic ,and maybe you will never improve with your attitude,and dont give very good advice to other liver sufferers .i have heard from others that people like you dont give encoregment ,so maybe keep your thoughts to yourself .mike


Reminds me of my sister and another friend they think they offer support but they offer discouragement


dont comment if you dont know or try ,thats plain and simple


I think there might have been a miscommunication...

giles111 said "ive been on this site from the start and had support ,but ,no one gave me the wright advice ,,i took many remerdys that people said ,were no good ,but im fit now"

I read that as he had support, but no one gave him advice that was right for him. But he's fit now.

Just trying to help...


This chap first posted 21 days ago with his story of having presented at his doctors 8 weeks ago and been told he had cirrhosis based purely on deranged blood test results. Now following a period of abstinence from alcohol (and taking his mix of herbal and alternative therapies) has now had further blood tests and a scan which now say his liver isn't cirrhotic. He's thinking this is a miracle which has amazed his medics.

However, hIs doctor may have jumped the gun in saying he had cirrhosis since it CAN NOT be identified purely on the basis of blood tests and requires scanning and possibly biopsy.

My feeling - which is what I pointed out above is that he possibly had a period of alcoholic hepatitis which provided the out of range blood test results and the 8 week period of abstinence has helped to bring those numbers down.

He did not cure himself of cirrhosis in 8 weeks with some amazing miracle alternative therapy as is sadly his claim and what he is peddling to desperate people on various threads on this site.

In my post I applauded his abstinence and change of lifestyle for which I got abuse.

For my part I have supported my husband for over 4 years who does have cirrhosis (due to auto-immune liver disease), I have gone through the transplant assessment process with him, lived on the list and must be doing something right as regards diet and exercise regime because after 10 months he came off the transplant list and has got fairly normal blood test results but he still has cirrhosis & remains under very close medical attention.

This chap could still very well be quite poorly as others have picked up in his deterioration in language etc. It is just worrying for those of us who've posted here for a long time to see someone advocating all sorts of 'miracle cures' because sadly from time to time we have had the 'snake oil sellers' invading the forum.


Hi Kate, it's awful that you have been abused by the guy when you were trying to help him. Particularly when you were being supportive in spite of your own awful problems.

Please don't let it affect the wonderful support that you give to others here. The same goes for Kimberley who also offers unfailing support despite her own pains and difficulties.

To be honest I thought that admin would have intervened by now.

Mike X

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Thanks Red, guy has gone off all mad at a few of us, obviously hasn't even read what I wrote in full because he'll have seen me applauding his lifestyle change plus he hasn't recognised that I don't actually have a liver condition - I care for and support my hubby who does & not through a 'bad lifestyle' as this chap goes on about.

I am certainly am not a pessimist or lazy or feel like I have low esteem, in fact I seem to be doing not to bad a job caring for hubby who has gone from needing a transplant to not (at the moment) without an investment in miracle cures.

Anyway, don't worry if I see a post where I think my advice, support and learned knowledge / experience will help then I will still stick my twopenneth worth in.

BLT staff actually clicked that they 'liked' my initial reply to this guy, there is the option of reporting and blocking him but he may actually need help at some point so that might be a bit mean. ;)

Thanks for your support.

Katie x


i can prove it your just a pessemist ,or dont try to help your self ,and let everone else feel sorry for our ,bad life style


Great advice. I'm listening.


its true ,im fit and back to work ,if your tolkd you will need a transplant and have cirrhosis ,you get your head down and do somthing,not wait for oppintments for 2 months to see a doctor to tell you you are still illl,i went to seek help else ware and its paid off ,so people on here are so old fashoned ,to say the least mike


ill mail all of my results ,you just dont like a prson who has made an effort and is healthy and fit,you maybe could improve yourself .but your like a few others to lazy to try ,and dont belive in yourself ,you must have low esteam .


I totally agree


I meant that I totally agree with everyone Giles is arguing with.Let me just say that when i was nineteen years old,I was diagnosed with hepatitis -B and back then they had no medication for it so they said.Anyway,I was a little scared so I started taking better care of myself and doing the supplements and eventually I wasn't yellow anymore and my blood tests apeared normal and I felt great.As the years went by, I was still good until i went on a five year drinking binge thinking nothing of it until I finally got real sick.In other words it took a long time for me to actually feel the effects of the liver damage building up for years.I thought i was ok but i really wasn't.Arrigance got me no where.I now have cirrhosis and hep-C and have had it since2007 but now I'm healthier than i was.I don't drink anymore and my disease has slowed down alot.Tomorrow I get my blood work done I have it doneonce a year.I'll let everyone know the outcome.Anyway Giles111 relax,everyone cares about each other here so stay positive and you will remain healthy.

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As you have correctly pointed out Mike (giles111) Katie is not a doctor nor a medical professional. But then neither are you and neither are you (I am guessing) qualified to advise people how to treat their cirrhosis with "many remerdys that people said ,were no good". When people are diagnosed with cirrhosis what a hepatologist does is diagnose the Cause of the cirrhosis (there are 20 different types of liver disease that can lead to cirrhosis) and treat that. Treatments vary considerably, from self help lifestyle changes for those with ALD or fatty liver, to pharmaceutical drugs for those with viral or autoimmune types.

PS it's not generally advised to put email addresses on a public forum. HealthUnlocked has a private messaging system if you want people to contact you off board.


all im saying ,is we can listen to people winging about there condition ,there is one person to change your health ,and life stlye ,and thats not just the doctor ,it yourself ,and non of you are listning ,i talk to other sufferers and they ,have improved from my help ,giles111



I am saying this out of concern, not through wanting to be rude or overly critical.

I have been comparing your old posts with your most recent, and have noticed a definite decline in your coherence. Your grammar, once quite legible is now difficult to understand. Additionally, you have an unnecessary tendency to be rather rude to those who are being nice to you and trying to help you.

Unfortunately this in itself could be a symptom of perhaps Hepatic Encephalopathy, excessive drinking or something similar as many on here can testify to. Either way, maybe you should get this checked out by a health professional.

Please don't take offence at my comments, I am merely concerned.

Kind regards




Good catch. I have not read any of his previous posts but from just reading these last few it seemed to me that something was going on. I can attest to medication and illness making people hostile and unreasonable. I was there and it wasn't pretty.

I am an RN so I can say that Red1954 has just given you great advice. I have reread the thread and no one was attempting to pick on you. You have us all worried about you now. Please go and see your doctor.


Hi there!

I think everyone has covered most of my concerns.

But, for the sake of making sure no one decides to try your alleged treatment and make themselves sicker, here goes.

I trust people who have studied this precious organ for years on End.

People come here because they are sick. They are scared! They, like you, want answers. Some of them have been on here for years. Some get well, but stay on to help guide the newer folks.

But make no mistake, this community is a place where we look at the liver from a medical point of view. The info shared is primarily based on info WE have received from our doctors. Don't drink. Stay away from salt. This is our experience with this medication or that proceedure. We offer comfort. We do this out in the open for all to see.

Why would you only offer this info to folks who email you privately ?

If you have found some incredible new cure, why don't you want to share it with ALL of us? That alone concerns me.

It makes me think this might be some religious thing, or something to do with one of those shakes or herbal pills that is meant only for your liver, and allllll the wonderful things it can do. unless prescribed, please do not take those.

Im not sure how long you have been here, how many doctors you have seen or what procedures and medications you are on. But please don't come on here offering false hope to new comers who have not had their chance yet to get help or enough advice medically. You could be stealing their life, depending on what your offering or how ill they might be, or if they have HE.

When people are sick..they want to get better.they are much more likely to turn to help in wrong places.

Heck, I even tell new folks not to use google, as there is some bad info out there.

You could not possibly know everyone's symptoms and medical issues. So how could you help? Why would you take that risk? If you want to risk yourself..go ahead. I would rather you did not..but it's your life.

And, if what @Red1954 could be possible, please call your doctor and say hey, someone who has been reading all my posts on the British Trust liver forum has noticed some things, and is worried I might have HE.

If you are drinking, please stop. A pickle can never be a cucumber again. If you have crossed that line, alcohol will kill you.

Sorry for the long reply, but I do want you to please not offer any remedies. For those of you that are new, here, not all doctors have all answers...they are not gods. But they sure have helped many of us on here. There are a few not so good doctors..we encourage you to go find a new one. And it really is the best place to start and stay.

If there is some new miracle cure or treatment, believe me, we will be discussing it openly HERE.

Like the new Hep C drugs..they have been discussed many many times on this forum, and many of us have has the treatment be successful!

Good luck, sir.

I hope you are doing ok and getting the help you need.

If your not feeling well, or not quite like yourself, please call your doctor, right away.


Ps whew! Long reply. Sorry guys!


na-myo-ho-renge-kyo.Giles111 chant na-myo-ho-renge-kyo,as much as you can and you will relax much better maybe even be nicer to people who are trying to be nice to you.

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chanting or any type of meditation is good for body mind and soul!



I totally agree.I have chanted na-myo-ho-renge-kyo(nicheren Buddhism since I got out of the hospital in2007


I think, Kimberley, you have probably hit the nail on the head with the wonder Milk shakes etc. If so then this is a very cruel and greedy person. If ,on the other hand, he is ill then this is tragic indeed. Has he no family or friends that have noticed his attitude.

Sorry to write to you rather than to him. Didn't fancy a barrage of insults back.


P.s. I did like the cucumber and pickle.


I liked the "A pickle can never be a cucumber again", i must remember that :)

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It's good right? Lol got that one from AA !



figures lol x

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Hey Mike, I sent you an email. I am curious to see how you got your health back. I am always interested in people's stories.


well like i have told other poeple .you can have my doctors reports ,i have paid for treatments and kept to what they have told me ,and if you want the results i can send them ,im so happy ,then i read theys sufferers on here and ,thay dont belive me ,they are very sore ,that some one has got a good life style after having sirohsis and cured ,it


Hey I have a good life style with cirrhosis and I have a good man to go with it.By the way you spelled cirrhosis wrong and it is not curable and you are the only one whos sore.HA HA,LOL

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Thanks for calling me a looser..not sure what a looser is, but I'm sure it's a good thing! And a short thuth? Hmmm..again, not sure, but thanks!

To be honest, I am 5'6. That's pretty tall for a girl! But you can't tell that from my photo, so no worries!

My mom was only 5'1, bless her! We call her the lil grandma now!

Are you tall?

Have a lovely day!


dckimberly,you are pretty cool.I'm5'5&1/2 and my mom is 5'1 too

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Mike are you "giles111. 49 • Bedford" and was part of your cure to spend £80 on chinese herbs?

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Crikey Bolly, remind me never to play 'cluedo' with you, you'd beat me every time.... 😉

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Ha Ha - Mrs Peacock, in the conservatory, with the chinese herbs! Sometimes being casual with personal information on the web means you leave a trail ........


giggles at Bolly..as usual..you rock, Mam.




not just chinese herbs advice from american doctors ,who are far more advanced in medical liver complicatinons than england ,i just followed what suited me now im fine ,i have no reson to lie ,and was try to tell other narrow minded people on here you can do some thing about cirrhosis ,like me


I'm an American who was treated in the US & the UK.

What the US could not or would not do, the UK said No Problem and handled it. The NHS is amazing when it comes to the liver and all the new medicines, treatments and exploration they are doing.

In FACT!! In some ways, some of the things used during treatments and the way they are done in the USA are DATED, meaning old and no longer used in the UK & Europe. I know this because of my personal experiences with one of these procedures.

I am an herbologist and an aromatherapist. I am certified, yes, in the US. I used to own a company even that focused on herbs and oils. I don't talk a lot about that on here because I do not use these really to get my liver better. I decided that Western Medicine was the way to go, and it has been. You have to be very very careful with what you ingest. The liver is already in trouble trying to process things..why make it harder for it to work?

You have come on here, acting like you were looking for answers..and then you started insulting sick and dying people. THEN you wanted those same people to email you for some wonder cure that will NOT save their lives.

It's enough already.

***BY THE WAY... My blood test numbers were perfect, normal even, on the day I was transplanted..they had been for months.

You think you know more than folks on here that have been sick for years?

You think you are the only one who has tried Chinese or regular herbs and other alternative medicines to get better? your not the first, you won't be the last.

And trust me, Mike..when your numbers do fall again..and they will..when you do get sicker..no one on here will laugh at you or call you names.

When you end up getting the bad news, people on here will be helpful and kind.

My advice? Continue seeing your doctors.

Get to an AA meeting as soon as humanly possible.

Raise your hand and ask for help.

We will be here for you when you start to get sick again. Please don't be afraid to come back and get support. This forum is the best one out there. We really do care about everyone who is sick.


Dear Giles111

We are pleased to hear that the lifestyle changes you have made have had such a dramatic improvement on your health.

We don't recommend the use of alternative therapies for those with severe liver problems as these have to be processed by the liver and can actually damage the liver and make the situation worse. More research needs to be done on the use of such therapies.

We understand that you feel strongly about your situation, and everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, but please bear in mind the principles and guidelines for use of the forum and post with respect for others opinions and in the spirit of supporting and learning from others.

We have removed a couple of your comments that we felt were were not posted within the spirit and guidelines for the use of the forum.

Best wishes



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