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Fatty Liver Diagnosed

Hi All, I have been recently diagnosed with fatty liver by ultra sound scan. The report says 'The liver is slightly increased in echogenicity consistant with fatty liver change with hypoechoic areas adjacent to the inferior border of liver adjacent to the gall bladder suggestive of fat sparring.' Can any body explain me what does this mean in simple terms? Is that whole liver is fatty liver or only that hypoechoic area? How serious it is? Do anybody recommend to have fibroscan?

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First off I am no expert in the interpretation of ultrasound reports - hopefully you will have a follow up appointment with a consultant to discuss the results and see what they recommend going forward.

Fatty liver change can be reversed if diet, lifestyle and any alcohol intake are amended. I just answered another post on Fatty Liver which will have appeared at the top of the news feed and the same suggestions apply in your case.

Have a look at the British Liver Trust page on Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and see if you fall into any of the 'at risk' categories and see if you can make any adjustments to your diet and/or lifestyle which can reduce the risk and indeed reverse the fatty liver.

Page is at:-

All the best, Katie


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