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Results good for first time!

Went to see the doc on Friday and finally seeing my lifestyle changes paying off, have now lost 4 1/2 stone (2 still to go but getting there), blood sugars better than they have ever been and even exercising and to be honest in a lot of ways have not felt so good for a long time. My last bloods were all within the normal range apart from Alt which was 60, normal range is from 20 - 50, sorry cant remember the low end limit is right, this time last year it was nearly 200. I know these are really a measure of the inflammation rather the the damage, but as I understand it this means that at the moment very little damage will be being done. He also said that there was no need for an appointment for checking the 2 varices I have until next year rather than the expected this year and he would be very surprised if they were still present (they were early stage varices). He doesnt want to see me for 6 months and said that if the results are the same or better he would be downgrading me from NASH to NAFLD. Ok I know it doesn't take away the damage that has occurred but it means that my liver now has a chance to repair where before with active inflammation this was never going to happen.

I have volunteered for the multiscan trial so am looking forward to seeing if my fibroscan score has dropped. The other thing I was wondering was whether they would be able to distinguish between Gall bladder polyps and Gall stones on the MRI as they have struggling with this using ultrasound and the diagnosis keeps swapping between the two which isnt so bad but if they are polyps some of them are quite large and this would mean gall bladder removal, so lets live in hope that they stay as gallstones as they are not giving me any problems at the moment.


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Great News, Well Done.....keep up the hard work it clearly pays off.....Lisa xx


Sure does :-)


Great news. Amazing how facing up to our mortality can give us the boost we need to correct all those lifestyle mistakes that we really did know about but just never thought really applied to us .... until they did!

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My head was buried in the sand for most of my adult life and I had switched off from any comments about weight. Today I am really grateful that I had a meltdown back in early Feb and realised that what I was putting in my mouth and my inactivity was killing. Now I can see that not only the liver consultants but also those treating my diabetes were all giving me good advice and telling me the truth....... Not only is my liver improving but I have been off insulin for nearly 2 months and my diabetic control has never been so good - which is also helping with the liver.

Well I am going to keep on doing what I am doing, thanks for your help and support



Well done you


That's fantastic news.

I have had the multiscan but it doesn't involve a fibroscan. The information is much more detailed than that and they're such a lovely group of people.

Keep up the good work, I wasn't aware that you could downgrade from NASH to NAFLD. There is hope for me yet.



Hi Rita, just re-read the paperwork and it says an MRI, Liver ultrasound (Fibroscan) and an interview, I am sure you do get much more info than just the fibroscan score but I have never had a liver MRI before so nothing to compare that too but can compare fibroscan scores :-).

To be honest I have now seen 3 different consultants at my last 3 appointments and there approach is all rather different which I find rather irritating. I am just really grateful that my liver is improving and am trying not to get too wrapped up in how the improvement is described.


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