Hi all just thought I'd update you on where I'm at , not been on for a while n I'm sorry about that , hope I did you all smiling I give my love to each n everyone of you xx, well I'm on month 10 of my transplant ! WOW how time flew by, I'm so humbled by all that's happened to me , I owe a few people a Massive thank you on here , helping through my recovery, bolly for one you've been immense n I know we didn't get of to the best start ! also my friend Mike been a great strength there a lot more people who've given me advice , you know who you are , well as I say 10 months n life is goin great still a few hiccups but I'm here n that out weighs everything, even on a bad day I look up to the sky n a tear runs down my face , very blessed I won't go on just wanted to say keep fighting the fight , keep dreaming the dream n believe in them as they will come true God bless all xxx

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  • Good to hear from you and thanks for popping in to let us know how you are.

  • Just want to say "Wot a BRILLIANT post "! xx

  • You're a good guy Adam, and have reached a level in recovery that we can strive for. Yes, the support on here is truly amazing, regardless of the causes or degree of our condition. Certainly, I would have found things so much more difficult without this blog and those who use it.

    Keep up the good fight mate.

    Mike x

  • so pleased to hear your goodnews and i wish you a speedy recovery.

  • God bless you.x

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