I can't tell you how grateful and less alone I feel since discovering this forum. Since my first post my hubby got a lot of things moving.

A district nurse has just left after removing my staples, and changing my dressings. I have an appointment with the out of hours dr this afternoon. To sort out antibiotics and pain relief. He has been on the phone complaining and thankfully it seems to be paying off.

I even ate some toast this morning.

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  • Nice one! 👍

    You sound more positive 💙

    Take care x

  • I'm so glad you're getting some support from the doc at last it's too bad it has to come to complaining though!!! It should all be in place this wasn't a small op you'd expect there to be better aftercare. Hope you start feeling better soon and back in your feet. Good luck 😃

  • Thank you x

  • so pleased for you melodymermaid as you sounded so distressed the other day, im glad you'v found this forum and your now getting the help you need and deserve and pain relief. thats wonderful you sound so much better,xoxoxo

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