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Accidental double dose of exviera


I'm just passing this on as there's not much info on what to do if you accidentally take two exviera in the morning instead of two vierkirax, which I managed to do.

The pamphlet said to call the doctor - but it was 7.30 in the morning so I couldn't - or go to the hospital. Our local A&E is just down the road so that's what I did. They couldn't find anything to indicate if there would be a problem or not other than one study that said exviera is safe in healthy people up to 2g (I would of had 500mg, a quarter of the amount). My blood pressure was taken and it was normal so I was told I could go home. I then contacted the registar at the outpatient centre - it was after 9am by the time I got home – and she said they also didn't have any information. She asked me to go back for a blood test so they could check my liver and kidneys, and she asked the pharmacist to check when I should have my next dose. The pharmacist never got back to her, so she advised me to skip the evening dose and then start again as normal the next day.

I did feel a little nauseous the day this happened, but more so the second day, otherwise everything seems to be okay, so far.

I thought this might be helpful in case someone else accidentally does the same thing.

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Hi MarionF, thanks for the warning. Hope you are still feeling better. I am due to start Viekirax /Exvira in a couple of months, so I'm very interested to hear how you are getting on.


Thanks beeeater. I feel fine now - the day after the double dose was the worse for nauseousness, even worse then the first week when I started taking vierkirax/exvira.


Hi I did the same thing with the same results - It was a Saturday and I did not realise until the evening and wondered why I had felt crap all day! Was fine afterwards


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