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Muscles getting weaker

A year or so ago one of the GPs said I had muscle wastage but my muscles are now even weaker---for example walking up a slope  is very difficult and hanging out the washing is also painful.  I am under the hospital Dietician who deals with liver problems and am trying to follow her instructions which include eating every 2 or 3 hours,  having plenty of carbohydrates as well as lots of protein (just like it says in the BLT book!).  She has also prescribed special "Shakes" which add to them.  My concern is that my muscles seem to be getting weaker despite all this. I'm not due to see the Dietician until Mid June so wondered if any of you have had a similar problem and what you did to improve things.

Best wishes to you all

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ps  I forgot to ask if anyone knows whether this is a sign of worsening cirrhosis            ---I've had that for many years---diagnosed in1997 when it was already established


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